‘The Voice’: Live Playoffs Night Two [Recap & Video]

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On The Voice this Tuesday, the Live Playoffs phase of the season continues, with night two. Tonight, the team members from Team Adam competed against the team members of Team Christina. Each coach must get his or her team cut to three members, and it is up to the viewers of America to vote and determine who will stay and who will be eliminated. Tomorrow night, there will be a special Results Show to let fans of The Voice know who the viewers of America chose to move on.

The Voice host, Carson Daly, began the episode by talking about the great musical performances of last night, when the team members of Team Blake went up against the team members of Team Pharrell. Carson had the musical artists from Team Adam and Team Christina on stage with him as he recapped last night’s musical performances.

Before the competitors took the stage, Sia was a special guest and sang Elastic Heart. She had on a long blond wig, hiding her face behind it, and she wore a hat. She gave a great performance, but she is eccentric, to say the least. Then, The Voice went to the first commercial break of the episode.

When The Voice came back on, Carson Daly set up a feature showing the first of the remaining competitors, Tonya Boyd-Cannon, meeting with Adam Levine. He chose for her to sing the Elton John song, Take Me to the Pilot. Tonya darn well NAILED this song, making it her OWN! She will be a tough act to follow.

Blake said “It’s so cool! You’re one of these people who embrace the moment. You have so much fun, and you’re not afraid.”

Christina said “It’s so refreshing and wonderful to see someone on the stage who is so free!”

Pharrell said “If you’ve never been to church before, this is the kind of thing that happens.”

Adam mentioned that “Tonya is the confidence-builder on my team. The number one thing I tell everybody on the team is to be like Tonya, and take the moment and embrace it.”

The Voice headed to another commercial break. When the show returned, Carson Daly then introduced another competitor from Team Adam, Joshua Davis. Adam selected the song, George Ezra’s Budapest, for Joshua to perform tonight.

Joshua was AMAZING singing this song, and he accompanied himself on the guitar. The audience cheered and clapped along as he sang. It was a pared-down, acoustic version of the song. Joshua really KILLED his performance of it.

Blake told Joshua “Great job singing along with an audience that has the worst timing.”

Christina said “Your kids must really enjoy hearing you sing lullabies.”

Adam told Joshua “I’m so happy to have you on my team.” Then, The Voice went to more commercials.

The Voice host, Carson Daly, introduced the first person from Team Christina to sing tonight, Sonic. She sang the Mary J. Blige song, I’m Going Down. Sonic gave a power-house performance.

Pharrell said “I thought you pulled it through — that was a great performance!”

Adam said “It’s very easy to get lost there, but you came back.”

Christina said “It’s so important to feel a song, and I heard that from you. You got the crowd amped! That was a phenomenal job.”

When The Voice came back from yet more commercials, Brian Johnson from Team Adam sang At This Moment. He had the audience cheering him on, as he kept hitting sweet note after sweet note. It was definitely one of tonight’s highlights. He likely just earned himself a spot in the Top 12.

Blake told Brian “You keep getting better every time you get on the stage. Dude, you’re a perfect vocalist.”

Christina said “You poured so much heart and emotion into that song! I loved it.”

Adam mentioned “The greatest thing about you is it’s much more important to sing and entertain people than even to win. That’s what I love about you.”

After more commercials, The Voice host, Carson Daly, introduced Team Christina’s next team member to perform, Kimberly Nichole, singing What’s Up. It is a song that has never been performed on the show before.

Carson Daly introduced Kimberly Nichole on the Live Playoffs Night Two episode, and she took the stage of The Voice, singing What’s Up, and really wowed the audience. Her great grandmother, 91, was in the crowd, watching.

Pharrell said “Per-fection. Perfection because of the incredible depth and soul in your voice. The way you did those runs with your voice was like listening to an electric guitar.”

Adam said “You’re amazing, and that’s a really, really hard song to sing, and you DESTROYED it!”

Christina said “I just love this girl! You are such an amazing, unique person.”

Following a commercial break on The Voice, host Carson Daly introduced another member from Team Christina, Lexi Davila. Christina gave her the song All By Myself to perform. Christina said “Tap into your emotions. Unleash the monster in there.”

Lexi sang this song to PERFECTION, giving an emotional performance and putting her entire heart and soul into the song. She had the audience clapping thunderously as she concluded singing.

Adam told her “I’m so proud of you. You belong here, and I’m so genuinely happy for you. What an amazing job!”

Christina told her “I’m your biggest fan. Tonight, you made me so happy! I saw you open up and you NAILED it!”

Carson Daly said that the mentor next week will be Reba McIntyre. Then, Carson introduced the next performer from Team Adam, Nathan Hermida. Adam chose the Nick Jonas song, Chains, for him to sing.

Nathan gave yet another great performance for Team Adam. It will be difficult for the voters of America to decide who will move on and who will be eliminated, based on the performances of last night and tonight.

Pharrell told Nathan “It sounded good! You must be having the time of your life right now. It was a great performance.”

Adam said “Something I really want you to know, Nathan…this kid was so uncomfortable performing on the stage. You really dug in and performed.”

After another break on The Voice, Carson Daly introduced Team Christina’s musical artist, India Carney. Christina gave her the song Hurt, one of her own songs, to perform tonight. Christina called it “a crazy, vulnerable song.”

What an awesome performance! India really opened up and gave it her all with her performance, and had to have made Christina proud of her. The audience members screamed, clapped and cheered as she sang during this Live Playoffs Night Two episode of The Voice.

Pharrell said “That was like watching it on film! That was so entertaining!”

Blake added “It was emotional, it was dramatic, it was powerful — your team is just unbelievable!”

Christina said “I’m almost speechless right now. You’re a special, special singer and I’m blessed to have you on my team.”

When The Voice returned after a commercial break, Rob Taylor from Team Christina sang. Christina gave Rob the song Earned It by The Weeknd to perform.

Rob Taylor ROCKED THIS SONG OUT! He had the females in the audience screaming for him right from the start as he sang, and he really was incredible singing in the high, falsetto range, something that he is noted for excelling at. The coaches gave him a standing ovation.

Pharrell said “Good, brother, good! To me, that is the definition of different — effortless! I know America loves you.”

Adam agreed, saying “I love you! Your whole body, every note, is into the song. That’s crazy!”

Christina said “Rob, I’m so happy for you right now! Rob, the audience was so into you.”

Closing out The Voice was Team Adam’s musical artist, Deanna Johnson. Adam gave her the song Down to the River to Pray to sing. “You have to be kind of unafraid of being judged,” Adam told her. “Whether or not it happens, it’s up to you,” Adam added.

Deanna Johnson gave an inspiring, magical performance, taking the audience to church, as it were, in a very good way. The audience clapped along, and Deanna’s voice soared to the rafters.

Blake told Deanna “You’re coming into your own. That was outstanding!”

Pharrell said “This is the Deanna that got all four chairs to turn around! I think you did a wonderful job! Welcome back!”

Adam told Deanna “You finally did what I was dying for you to do this entire season. It was completely flawless, and I thank you! Thank you.”

That inspiring performance was a terrific way to end this episode of The Voice, Live Playoffs Night Two. Tomorrow night, during a special Wednesday night episode of The Voice, the Top 12 competitors will be revealed It is sure to be a Must See episode.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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