‘The Voice’: Live Top Ten Perform [Recap & Video]

The Voice

On The Voice tonight, the Top Ten competitors performed live, and the musical artists gave it their all to try to stay in the competition and get the votes of viewers across America. Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams began tonight’s show with two musical artists each, while Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera had three apiece. All of the coaches chose record producers as the mentors for their teams this week. Adam brought in producer Dave Stewart to mentor his team, Blake Shelton brought in Scott Hendricks, while Team Christina’s team’s mentor was Mark Ronson and Team Pharrell’s mentor was Ryan Tedder.

The Voice host, Carson Daly, began the show by mentioning the producers that the coaches had chosen. Then, he introduced the Top Ten remaining musical artists. They sang two Elton John songs, Rocket Man and the song Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting).

After a commercial break on The Voice, Carson Daly introduced the first performer of the evening,  Kimberly Nichole, from Team Christina. Kimberly got to meet with producer Mark Ronson.

Kimberly sang Something’s Got a Hold on Me, and did a RED HOT, SMOKIN’ version of this song. She owned the song and the stage, and her performance was a fantastic way to start off the night.

Pharrell told her “You re-invented what 10 means, once again! Your parents must be proud. That was unbelievable!”

Adam said “You did so amazingly well!”

Christina told her “You can do it all! You slay it every time. You always bring it, and bring the house down every single time. You did it again!”

When The Voice came back from another commercial break, from Team Adam, Joshua Davis was the first to meet with record producer Dave Stewart. Joshua will be performing the song, Hold Back the River.

Joshua Davis did an INCREDIBLE version of this song, and the The Voice audience clapped along and screamed out at various times during the performance. He sang with a lot of power and emotion in his voice, a little bit like Bruce Springsteen.

Blake said “Definitely a completely different look and vibe from you. Good job, dude!”

Adam said “We needed to kind of take a risk here. We did kind of conquer the beast of singing in the lower register. You did a great job!”

The third performer to take the stage on The Voice after yet another break was Hannah Kirby from Team Blake. Hannah sang the Tears for Fears song, Shout. Blake said “She is someone who gives it everything she has.”

As Hannah sang, drummers kept up a steady beat. She WAILED on this song, and when she got to the chorus, background singers “shouted it out” with Hannah.  She KILLED this song, and her voice soared to the rafters.

Christina said “You’re growing up right before our eyes. You’re like a super star! You really rocked it out up there.”

Pharrell told her “You make every song your own! You deliver every time.”

Blake said “How can you give it everything you have and still be able to stand there and talk? You’re not going anywhere, Sis.”

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, introduced Team Blake’s soul singer, Meghan Linsey. Meghan, wanting to pay homage to where she grew up, Louisiana, chose the song, Home, to sing. “Meghan definitely has that New Orleans sound,” Blake said.

Meghan hit the ball out of the park with this song, ripping the cover off of it.. Her performance was definitely one of the night’s highlights.

Blake and the other coaches gave her a standing ovation. Christina told her “I think that was the best performance you’ve done so far on the show! Your vocals were insanity!”

Adam said “You blew me away! Honestly, that was not only your best performance, that threw you way up onto the top!”

Next up on The Voice, Koryn Hawthorne, 16, of Team Pharrell, meet with record producer Ryan Tedder. She decided to sing Ed Sheeran’s song, Make It Rain. Tedder said she gave him “goosebumps” right from the start as she sang during rehearsals.

Koryn sang a smoky, sultry version of this Ed Sheeran song, OWNING it with her heartfelt powerful vocals. She was memorizing, and there was sometimes a cool raspy quality to her voice. The audience and coaches awarded her performance with a standing ovation.

Blake told Koryn “I don’t know how you could have done any better than you just did. Welcome to the Top Eight!”

Pharrell said “You have earned the title ‘Inspirational Singer,’ because the whole room was inspired as you sang. All of America was inspired.”

Back from another break, The Voice host Carson Daly congratulated Blake for how well he did as a host of the AMC Awards show on Sunday. Then, Daly introduced Deanna Johnson from Team Adam. She chose to sing the Jefferson Airplane song, Somebody to Love.

Deanna Johnson brought forth her Inner Grace Slick tonight with her version of Somebody to Love. She had the audience clapping right from the beginning of the song as she sang. Deanna ROCKED THE PLACE OUT with her powerful vocal performance! She needed to come out with a strong performance tonight, and she did, with this song.

Christina said “That sounded pretty challenging! How did you feel?”

Deanna replied “It was hard.”

Adam told her “I’m just happy you’re going up there on live television, and it looks like you’re having fun. Thank you.”

When The Voice returned after more commercials, Rob Taylor from Team Christina got to meet record producer Mark Ronson. The song that Rob sang was A Song for You. He NAILED his performance of the song, and he put all of his heart and soul into his rendition of it. He got another standing ovation from the audience and the coaches.

Pharrell said “I’m so happy for you, bro! It was masterful! Honestly, it was an immaculate job.”

Christina told him “It showed an entirely different side of you. You are something so special and so rare. I was so touched.”

After more commercials, Corey Kent White performed on The Voice. He sang the classic George Strait song, Unwound. Blake suggested that White sing the song in a more uptempo style, with a rock edge to it.

That advice seemed to do the trick, as Corey Kent White came out rockin’ this George Strait song! He really played to the audience, and sang a very strong version of this iconic hit.

Adam told Corey “You have been Captain Consistent. Every time you get on the stage, you get better.”

Blake said “You kept on truckin'” despite a slip-up with the lyrics. Blake told him that country music fans would probably call him on his flub, but he recovered nicely.

When The Voice came back from another break, Sawyer Fredericks, from Team Pharrell, sang Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. Sawyer said “I’d like to try a toned-down version of the chorus.” Pharrell said “I thought that, too.”

Fredericks played the guitar as he sang. He belted the lyrics out, putting the audience under a spell with his entrancing performance of this cool song. He gave one of his best performances so far this season.

Blake said “He’s got this softness, then he pushes the pedal, and it gets loud and raspy. Freakin’ good!”

Pharrell said “It went totally the way you wanted it to go. I want America to vote you through — we need more 16-year-olds in this country like you.”

The last performer of the evening was India Carney from Team Christina. Christina gave her the Whitney Houston song, Run to You, to sing. She was not sure how she would do with the song, but Christina reassured her that she would do fine.

India did more than fine, she gave an AWESOME performance! The song was perfect to showcase her powerful voice and wide vocal range. The audience cheered and clapped and erupted in applause as she finished singing.

Pharrell said “Crazy, crazy notes! That run in the middle — wow!”

Christina told her “You conquered it! You conquered your fears, and I couldn’t be more proud of you!”

That song and the comments that the coaches gave India closed tonight’s episode of The Voice. There were a lot of great highlights tonight, some of the most incredible performances yet of the season! Tomorrow night, based on the votes of the viewers of America, the names of the Top Eight musical artists who will be moving on, will be revealed.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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