Mermaids and Mermen Culture Not Just for Children


Mermaids and mermen seem to be all the rage at the moment and a hot topic with even adults getting in on the fun. In a CBC article, Lori Papajohn stated that mermaid tails are more than just kid’s toys. They should be considered accessories just as flippers, a snorkel, and a mask. They can be used as toys for kids but adults can enjoy them as well. There is a whole new culture of mermaids and mermen that are coming into the picture, and not just for kids.

Papajohn wanted to get the point across that mermaids are not just strictly for children. The article added that apparently there is a whole culture of mermaids and merman who are also adults. Stephanie Brown is a prime example of this. She teaches and performs as a mermaid named Raina. She makes a career out of this and greatly enjoys it. Papajohn wears the mermaid outfit for work while a woman named Jamie Boutin wears a mermaid tail for fun. She also exercises with the tail on. Papajohn holds events called mermaid parties where she teaches kids how to properly and safely use the tails. She said that this is a great opportunity for her to teach kids about water safety

The article said that there is a good deal of people who consider themselves professional mermaids. Hannah Fraser is among the most well-known out there. She calls herself Hannah Mermaid when in character. She is a diver who swims with sharks, whales, and sea lions. She has also made a name for herself as an ocean activist and a spokesperson for the mermaids are not just for kids philosophy.

The owner of Halifax Mermaids also pointed out in a PR Web article that they are not just for kids. Mermaids are mermen are a growing subject and a hot topic. The owner has made a career out of this venture. She teaches little kids to swim with the tails and also performs at events and parties. Stephanie Brown added that this idea has provided jobs for numerous women. She said that she employs five women at the moment and that this venture is expanding the economy.

This can open doors for many people and provide jobs for them. She did point out that the mermaid culture is in its early stages in Canada whereas it is really big further South. Brown said that some individuals are making a full-time career out of this and more performers are coming out of the woodwork. There are even mermaid conferences that are held throughout the Unites States. Enthusiasts are encouraged to take part in these conferences.

Annette Kellerman was known as the first official mermaid. She was an Australian actress and one of the first people to wear a mermaid tail. She wore the tail in 1911 in the film Siren of the Sea. Her swimming ability and the fact that she broke records put her in the public eye. She was actually filmed underwater and the first person to be the subject of that. She also starred in the film The Mermaid. She made a name for herself in this role and made people take notice. She was also an advocate for nudity in films as well as one-piece bathing suits. Prior to efforts to change things, women had to wear dresses and pantaloons while swimming or frolicking on the beach.

Mermaids continue to be a hot topic and a subject of interest for people according to Kris TV. Enthusiasts and people who have made a career in this field are attempting to show the world that mermaids are not just for kids. This whole culture of mermaids and mermen are showing that this concept is the big rage at the moment. Adults can enjoy them just as much as children.

By Heather Granruth


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Photo Courtesy of Frank Kovalchek’s Flickr Page- Creative Commons License

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