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On American Idol, one of the Top Four musical artists remaining on the show this season was eliminated by the end of the episode, leaving just three at the end of the show. All four performed until one was eliminated. Each of the four sang three songs, representing record producer and American Idol mentor, Scott Borchetta’s Choice, Judges’ Choice, and their Hometown’s Choice of a song to sing tonight.

American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, introduced the judges and recapped last week’s show. Then, he said that next Tuesday and Wednesday, the show would be live for the two-night season finale.

Rayvon Owen was the first one to perform. Scott chose the song Want to Want Me for Rayvon to sing. It was a great song choice, fitting Rayvon’s voice really well. He sang parts of the song in the falsetto range.

Jennifer said “That was a great song choice by Scott.”

Harry told him “That was by far the best performance I’ve heard you do with an uptempo song.”

Next singing his “Scott Pick,” was the musical artist, Clark Beckham. Scott chose a three-time Grammy-winning song, Beautiful Day, by U2, for him to perform. Clark did a terrific job on this U2 hit.

Jennifer said “That was really suited to your voice! You did a really good job with it.”

Harry said “I thought that the band was exceptional on it. I think that you can’t disregard the first lyrics, though.”

Keith said “I think that you should have risen up a little bit more with the band.”

After a commercial break on American Idol┬áNick Fradiani learned what Scott’s Choice for him to sing was, the Bruce Springsteen song, Because the Night. Nick was happy to hear that was the choice, as he said he really liked Springsteen’s music.

Nick sang the song with a lot of intensity and power, but it was hard for him to try to match the intensity and power of Springsteen. He did a great job, though, and the audience clapped along right from the start of the song.

Harry said “I thought it was fantastic, man! I think that everybody’s fighting their hardest. That was strong!”

Keith said “When I hear your tone, I’m excited! It was a great song for you.”

Jennifer said “It was a perfect song for you! Three for three; but, I think that you really need to connect with the words.”

Back on American Idol, it was time for Jax to sing Scott’s Choice for her. He talked with her, and told her he wanted her to sing The Who song, My Generation. She told him “That is perfect!” He said “You’re gonna NAIL it!”

NAIL it, is exactly what Jax did. She had the studio audience cheering, screaming and clapping along as she sang. Jax gave one of her best performances yet of the season.

Keith told her “That was friggin’ awesome! That was your best performance yet!”

Both Harry and Jennifer Lopez agreed with him. They basically said that it was her strongest performance yet.

After more commercials on American Idol, with the first round now over, host Ryan Seacrest said that Nick would be the first performer of the Hometown Choice Round. He went back to his hometown to visit and figure out what song to sing for them.

The song that Nick sang as his Hometown Choice on American Idol was Back Home by Andy Grammer. Nick DESTROYED this song, in a good way, and really had the studio audience into his performance. He continued his streak of solid, terrific performances with this one.

Jennifer told him “That was another great song choice for you!” The other judges also thought that Nick had given a great performance.

The second musical artist to go back to his hometown and visit on American Idol was Clark Beckham. He traveled back to Nashville and there was a huge crowd there to welcome him. He gave an outdoors concert at Lee University there.

Then, the song Clark sang as his Hometown Choice song was (Sittin’ On) On the Dock of the Bay. Beckham KILLED this classic Otis Redding hit, and sang it with a lot of power and emotion.

Harry said “It was nice to see! Nice performance!”

Jennifer told him she loved the Hometown shows, and said “It was a really good performance!”

More commercials followed. After the break, on American Idol, Rayvon Owen went back for a reunion to his hometown of Richmond, Virginia, where there was a big turn-out for him.

For his Hometown Choice song on American Idol, Rayvon sang the Stevie Wonder classic, As. He did a tremendous job singing this cool song. He got the studio audience pumped up with his performance.

Keith told him “It was too effortless! Really, really good, Rayvon!”

Jennifer said “You’re the ‘Comeback Kid,’ you’re like a cat with nine lives.”

Jax then went back to her hometown for a reunion in New Jersey. She went back to her old high school, where a large crowd was already gathered to welcome her back home. Her home town of East Brunswick held a parade in her honor. She sang the Beatles’ hit, I Wanna Hold Your Hand for an outdoors audience.

Then, Jax sang My Immortal for her Hometown Choice song. She played the piano as she sang, and her voice was like crystal, cutting through the studio audience with clarity and emotion. Jax sang with a ton of heart-felt emotion and tenderness…it was AMAZING!

Jennifer said “There’s a humility and confidence that you have that I think is integral to being a superstar. You always have to remember where you come from. I think you’re amazing!”

Harry told her “Fantastic!”

Ryan Seacrest asked Keith who he thought took the Second Round. He said “I think that Rayvon took that round.” More commercials followed.

After the break, Ryan Seacrest said “We have one more Round to go.” It was the Judges’ Choice Round. Jennifer told host Ryan Seacrest that they had chosen the song, Earned It, from Fifty Shades of Grey for Clark Beckham to sing. He did an AWESOME job singing the song.

Harry told him “Find whatever you did in the last part of the song and if you sang it QUIETLY it would be really, really strong.”

Keith said “It was very good.”

Jennifer said “Toward the end, it got electric. I got a goosie.”

Back from break, it was time for the third Judges’ Choice Round. Rayvon went first, and Keith told Ryan Seacrest that they chose the song You Are So Beautiful for him to sing. He held the studio audience in the palms of his hands as he sang.

Jennifer said “It was a beautiful arrangement.”

Harry said “I felt that you sang it with emotion. You kept the integrity of the song while still giving it a different look. That was smart, Rayvon — great job!”

The second performer of the last round was up next, Jax. “We chose for you to sing a song by Paramore, Misery Business,” Harry said to Jax.

Jax ROCKED this song OUT! The audience clapped along right from the very start as she sang. Only one guy, on a stool, playing his guitar, accompanied her as she sang. The audience erupted in applause.

Keith said “You sang phenomenally! The band was acoustic, and you were rockin’ it out.”

Harry said “For me, that one was not as strong as the other two. For me, it seemed like you were using the guy playing the guitar as a crutch.”

Jennifer said “It’s a week before the finale. You had to steal the show. Jax, steal the show!”

After another commercial break on American Idol, the judges said that they chose the song I’ll Be for Nick to sing. Nick WAILED on this song; it was a perfect choice to showcase his wonderful vocal range and power. Nick played his guitar as he sang, and Keith stood up to give him a standing ovation, along with the studio audience.

“Aside from the main vocal, I think that was a great performance,” Harry said. “I really thought that you NAILED that song.”

Keith said “If that was the original performance, I think that would be a hit.”

Ryan Seacrest asked Harry who he thought won that round. Harry replied “As much as I liked Rayvon’s musicality, I personally think Nick took that round.”

When American Idol came back, it was time for host, Ryan Seacrest, to reveal which of the four musical artists had been eliminated. “In no particular order, the first person to make it through based on last week’s votes is…Nick Fradiani! Up next to make it is…Clark Beckham! Our final person who is saved tonight and will stick around to the finale is…Jax! Congratulations! What a fight!”

That means that the Top Three musical artists who will be moving on to next week’s two-night season finale on American Idol will be Clark Beckham, Jax, and Nick Fradiani. Rayvon really came on strong towards the end of the season, and kept on surviving and giving some great performances, but tonight, he was, sadly, eliminated. The season finale, next Tuesday and Wednesday, is sure to be a fantastic one — be sure to tune in and watch!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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