Bernie Sanders Speaks Wealth, Income Inequality, and Climate Change

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Democratic, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, has a lot to say about the many changes that need to take place over the next couple of years, in order to make America a better country for people living today, as well as those that will be born in the future. Sanders speaks on wealth, income inequality, and climate change in many of his speeches across the country.

The senator claims that out of the many major countries of the world, America has more income and wealth inequality. Sanders has also explained wealth and income are not the same thing, and has given sources a break down of what the two are. He stresses of his ideas on climate change declaring the need for action must take place, since it is the most substantial challenge and biggest responsibility facing the planet.

Sanders speaking on wealth, income inequality, and climate change during his run has allowed him to obtain a following of people young and old. His pointers on the subject has people paying close attention to what his plans are in regards of making a difference for the country. Students who plan to vote for the senator in the 2016 election told sources, they believe the Democrat has no hidden agendas, and that makes him easy to trust.

According to World Bank, 41 counties have greater income inequalities than the U.S. Out of 46 economies, The Global Wealth Data book, has ranked the U.S. as number 16. The reports are claims Sanders is making in his speeches on income inequality.

The Democrat’s claim made on wealth states, ” the top one-tenth of one percenters that owns the majority of the wealth in the country is just as much as the bottom 90 percent, however, when 99 percent of new income goes to the one percent it creates an unmanageable level of inequality, which results in bad economics.” He has also proclaimed, moral, economic, and political issues are formed from wealth and income inequality.

The senator plans to fix the failing income and wealth inequality by taking the country back from the super rich for American people, and fighting for working families. He has asked citizens to take a stand to help get the country back because millions of people taking a stand and demanding equality will change the percentage of the numbers in the rich, middle, and lower class. The senate also brought up the high unemployment rate, federal minimum wage starvation, and corruption that is happening in back corporate politics.

Once the Senator announced his plans for wealth and income equality he then spoke on his plan for climate change. He believes the climate change issue is catastrophic. Sanders stated, “the reason why climate change is a controversial topic is because Republicans only care about their bank accounts, and the argument for climate change science is an intellectual embarrassment.” Sanders also argued that if Americans do not stop using fossil fuel for energy, the country can raise five to 10 degrees higher in Fahrenheit by the end of the century.

Sanders speaking on climate change, wealth, and income inequality, has a lot of people believing he can make a difference in the next election. Only time will tell if his speeches will gain the votes in the presidential election of 2016.

By Krystle Mitchell


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Photo by Paul Morigi Courtesy of Brookings Institute’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License