Bobbi Kristina Life Support: Family Fighting for Her $20M Fortune


Bobbi Kristina’s health conditions are failing to improve and so is the relationship between both sides of her family. As indicated by reports, the Houstons and the Browns are reliably quibbling with each other over what each family believes is an ideal approach in deciding the fate of Kristina’s life.

It has been reported that following Whitney Houston’s death, the singing legend deserted a $20 million fortune that her only daughter went ahead to acquire. With the consideration that the 22-year-old has shown little signs of improvement since being rushed to hospital back in late January, a judge has recompensed her dad Bobby Brown, and grandmother Cissy Houston guardianship of Kristina’s estate.

Contentions were certain to eject once more, as it is currently being expressed that both relatives are battling non-stop. This time, both families are asking themselves as to who will get the majority of Bobbi Kristina’s money if she was to pass away. Over the years, Houston has given strong hints that she is no enthusiast of Bobby Brown — she, to some degree, considers him somewhat responsible for the demise of her daughter, and has accordingly set up a battle with the expectation that her former son-in-law does not acquire Whitney’s cash.

Still, it is tragic to imagine that while the poor girl is snared on to life support, the two families who should solely concentrate on her prosperity, and implore that she will make a recuperation, are just concerned on the measure of cash they can make from her. This case is very much alike to when Houston died in 2012 — an enormous battle about the artist’s cash created a division between both sides, just to then discover that Houston’s little girl would acquire the fortune.

In relation to the socialite’s time in the hospital, a few relatives from Brown’s side have reportedly been paid up to $5,000 for arranged interviews to converse with the press on what they know about the 22-year-old’s situation. Moreover, two of Brown’s sisters have declared arrangements to begin their own reality show, a program which is planned to focus on how the Browns are coping as Kristina continues to hang on to life support. It is still indistinct which shameless TV-network has granted this for a pick-up, with sources alleging that a release date could potentially be as soon as the summer reaches, realizing that there will be an enormous interest for the show if Kristina was to suddenly pass away.

The entire idea on cashing in on as much money as possible from a young woman who is fighting for her life is sickening on so many levels. While Houston is attempting to set up a battle against Bobby, keeping him from getting any of Kristina’s money, her own particular need ought to be concentrating on praying that her granddaughter makes a quick recuperation. On the other hand, doctors have effectively guaranteed both relatives back in February that their “cherished one” is extremely mind harmed, and that a full recovery was unlikely to happen. Bobbi Kristina has shown little to no improvements in the last four months, yet Brown is said to be hoping that his daughter can still pull through.

As of now, Houston and Brown both hold guardianship over Kristina’s wealth, yet it might be a matter of time before another war emits. Should the former reality star end up passing away, the fight for her $20 million inheritance will be a never-ending battle that will expose all of its greedy relatives, who are just waiting for the news of Bobbi Kristina’s death.

By Maurice Cassidy


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