Boston Teen Accused of Mutilating Cats


A 17-year-old boy was arrested yesterday after neighbors reported seeing dismembered cats in the yard of an abandoned house in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston. The Boston police arrived after receiving the 911 call to 29 Mt. Everett Street, where they found the teen with a machete, a folding knife and a hand saw.

The boy was dancing to music and chopping cats, according to the neighbors who made the call. He lied to the police initially about his name and also said that one of the dead animals was a possum, not a cat. He later said that it was his sick cat and he killed it out of mercy.

The abandoned house had a “No Trespassing” sign and was home to many stray cats. The teen said that he did not have enough money to put the cats down. He finally told the police that he takes in stray cats and kills them because he is bored. The neighbors who reported the teen said that their cat had gone missing last month.

The boy was charged with the possession of a dangerous weapon, delinquency, trespassing and two counts of animal cruelty at the Dorchester Municipal Court today. He was arraigned and as he is a minor, his name will not be released. He has been ordered held without bail until Monday as his dangerousness hearing will take place then.

By Anugya Chitransh


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Photo from Ferran Jorda’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License