Chris Brown Suspected of Assault in Las Vegas


Chris Brown just recently launched his residency with Drai’s nightclub with his performance at the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather event. However, that is not what is making the headlines today. The singer is being faced with potential battery and assault charges. One Las Vegas officer said that Brown is suspected of taking part in an assault, allegedly having beaten a man who sought medical attention at Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center. The man was admitted around 3:45 a.m. PST Monday night.

The report given to the police was that the man was at Palms Casino Resort playing a game of basketball before he and Brown got into a verbal altercation. He stated that the singer escalated the dispute by punching him. When the man went to defend himself, one of Brown’s friends seemingly jumped in to strike him as well. The man retreated and had his non-fatal injuries treated. He was released shortly after.

Las Vegas officers said they tried to locate Brown at his hotel room after taking the man’s statement at the hospital, but the singer was unavailable. The authorities delivered Brown the choice to either put his signature to a misdemeanor citation, or the case will have to be transferred to the Clark County District Attorney’s office. Even well into Monday afternoon, the artist has yet to make a decision.

Officer Larry Hadfield tried to reach out to Brown and said that in no way is signing the citation a legal confession, but a way to say that he is aware of the allegations against him. After waiting for Chris Brown’s response, and getting none, Hadfield reported that the Las Vegas Police Department has not cited anyone in regards to the assault accusation because neither of the suspected persons have given them the opportunity. However, when questioned about Brown’s friend, police refused to speak on the matter.

His silence on this matter comes as no surprise. He does not need to feed the flames, especially since finally being released from his probation sentence from the trial over his assault on Rihanna. In just the six short weeks since then, the singer’s life is again under the scrutiny of assault charges, and it couldn’t come at a worse time for his career.

After the 2009 trial, Brown’s tours were constantly interrupted. In 2010, he was denied entry into Britain which resulted in four canceled concerts. In February, he was forced to cancel another two performances when Canada did the same thing. And right now, he plans to host a series of shows as a way to promote his new position at the Drai nightclub. The R&B artist should not attract bad press to tarnish his shows before they can pick up momentum.

The R&B singer still has two months to survive through the accusations until his next scheduled performance on July 4. His birthday celebration on Tuesday should be a welcomed change of pace from all of this. The venue for his party will be Drai’s pool area.

Staying quiet in the face of these allegations may not be the worst plan of action. The singer should focus on his party, and his new residency. Chris Brown’s had his life turned upside down before when he pleaded guilty for the Rihanna trial, but this recent assault allegation should not incite the same responses, especially since the Las Vegas police insofar only have the word of one man to go on.

Opinion By Matthew Austin Bowers

U.S. News
Photo by Eva Rinaldi – Creativecommons Flickr License