Disney’s Tomorrowland Plot Is Not What Fans Expected

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Disney’s Tomorrowland is now in theatre’s, and its plot is not what fans expected. The film is about a former boy genius played by George Clooney, and a talented teenage girl played by Brit Robertson, who are both on a mission to find Tomorrowland which is said to be located between time and space. A preview of the film was released Thursday night in 701 theatre’s which brought in $725,000 for its opening night. However, critics thought the film would bring in more, due to the film Poltergeist, which was also released bringing in $1.4M, its opening night. Critics believe the small number of screens that showed the preview is the cause of the low opening numbers. Since the film is opening on a holiday weekend it is said the film should obtain up to $50M by Memorial Day.

According to sources the movie is not all as it was expected to be. Io9 wrote a spoilers review, and stated the film seemed to be sentimentally made for the baby-boomers. The film is said to have a beautiful introduction, but as the movie goes on it began to get kind of boring. The baby-boomer remembrance occurs throughout the film with its plot surrounding the idea of how the boomer’s envisioned the future of today’s world. While it is based in the 1950/60s, the film has many envisions of robots, and rockets, along with space colonies. Reports have said it is written as a cranky storyline of how life was better during that era, than it is today.

Despite the baby-boomer reminiscences that takes place in the film, Disney’s Tomorrowland plot is not what fans expected, but it still had some moments which kept many of the audience members entertained. Tomorrowland, according to Wired, brought out the creative imagination within people that gets tucked away by life’s everyday trials. Sources stated the story seemed to be created from the mind of a 12-year-old, telling someone a story about an exciting time that happened within his or her life, and using a camera to explain it, due to certain scenes being hard to follow.

While the plot of Tomorrowland seemed to be all over the place there are a number of reasons why it is a great movie to see according to Vox. The reporters gave a list of five reasons why people should see the Disney sci-fi over the holiday weekend. The list stated the movie follows the book, and fans should remember the plot was weird since the novel was released. Another reason is the great choice of actors playing the roles in the film. Clooney and Robertson were the perfect choice for the sci-fi adventure. The remaining reasons suggested by Vox were, the director, Brad Bird, remains number one at bringing futuristic sets to life, forcing the audience to believe the futuristic scenes can be possible one day in today’s world, while having a young women take on the adventures, it opens young girls minds to want to explore the world with or without someone, and the melodramatic climax of Clooney and the robot girl’s relationship, it is said to bring tears to the members of the audience eyes.

Tomorrowland is now playing in theatre’s everywhere, and as the holiday weekend continues more reviews are being released on whether the film is good or bad. Once the Disney film is viewed by fans, they are finding the plot of Tomorrowland not to be what they expected it to be, and coming up with various reasons why it is and why it is not worth seeing in theatre’s.

By Krystle Mitchell


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