Doomsday Confirmed for ‘Batman vs Superman,’ Leaked Reports Reveal


Doomsday will be featured in the up-and-coming Batman V Superman film, it has been reported. One of DC Comics’ most beloved villains is headed to the big screen to make the lives of Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne a lot more complicated.

Comic guru Umberto Gonzalez made the surprising declaration, affirming that, while the film’s story will all that much concentrate on the contention in the middle of Superman and Batman, Doomsday will be a fantastic addition to the film in furthering the drama. In a recent podcast taping of Shanlian on Batman, Gonzalez suggested that fans will be astounded with what an incredible job the team accountable for the motion picture, have done to breathe life into the character.

Doomsday was acquainted with the DC Comics establishment taking after the making of a scientist who began production on the creation of one of the most powerful creatures in the world — a monstrous alien. The contemptible animal would go ahead to kill its creator and escape to some place far from Earth, only to then return years later in what became an epic battle seeing Superman locked in a fight-off between Doomsday, hoping to save the city from destruction.

Several news outlets had asserted in 2014 that makers of the upcoming film were captivated to make its most recent venture a standout amongst the rest. Fans had pushed throughout the years that the non-attendance of their most loved villains was apparent when The Dark Knight Rises hit theaters, which moviegoers accepted could have had a much more extensive concentrate on villainous characters.

The disappointment that fans shared about the 2012 Batman installment has made DC Comics give careful consideration to what they can do in hopes to make Batman V Superman the biggest superhero movie of the year. That spot is currently held by The Avengers, Marvel’s own superhero film which took in a whopping $1billion in less than three weeks since hitting theaters.

DC Comics have yet to confirm reports of the supposed leaked details that have surfaced online, although an announcement is unlikely to follow as a second trailer for the anticipated Batman V Superman film is bound for a release in the accompanying weeks. Reports are already suggesting that DC Comics will not reveal Doomsday’s participation in the film, as the powerful character is bound to make a brief appearance in the movie’s upcoming sneak preview.

Furthermore, while the film wrapped shooting months back, its production team has been extremely cautious with the amount of information they are willing to share with the public. The only details that have been confirmed by DC Comics were that Superman V Batman was mainly being shot in Vancouver, Canada.

With the disclosure that Doomsday will be one of the well-known villains included in Batman V Superman, fans are currently starting to ponder whether Oscar-award winning actor Matthew McConaughey may be connected to the part. The Interstellar star had made previous remarks, confirming he had been in talks to sign on for a film with DC Comics, but the project was not right for him at the time, causing the entire concept to fall through. Nonetheless, he was still very much interested in doing something with the company if the right opportunity came along.

In an interview with Variety, McConaughey shared: “I’ve read some Marvel and DC scripts and I’ve talked about working with them on some scripts, none of which I’ll share with you what they are — or were.” He added: “Yeah, I’ve circled some of those. Nothing has been right for me yet. But I’m sure open to it.” Just like DC Comics, McConaughey is staying quiet on anything regarding Doomsday, having neither confirmed nor denied his involvement in the upcoming superhero movie.

By Maurice Cassidy


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