Duchess Kate Middleton Gives Birth to Second Royal Baby

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Kate Middleton

Duchess Kate Middleton has given birth to the second royal baby. After announcing the wife of Prince William was in the early stages of labor this morning, she gave birth to a baby girl just after 8:30am UK time. Mom and baby are said to be doing well in the official statement released.

The news was announced just after 11am, with a Kensington Palace spokesperson stating it to the media and sharing it on the official Twitter feed. This morning, Middleton was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital, to the private Lindo Wing, in the early stages of labor. The birth was expected to be quick, as many second babies are. While an official announcement has not been shared, it seems that she was in labor for around three hours.

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, was present for the birth. The announcement could not be made until all members of the royal household were informed, including the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, the Prince of Edinburgh and the Queen. According to the statement, the weight of the newborn baby was 8lb 3oz.

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, congratulated the couple, saying that he was “delighted for them.” Many others have taken to Twitter to share their congratulations to the happy parents.

Duchess Middleton gave birth to a girl as the second royal baby. The bookmakers were expecting this and had reportedly slashed betting odds during April getting ready for it. The world still waits for an announcement on the name.

Middleton is expected to remain in the hospital for one night, and Prince George, her firstborn, is expected to stay with her. After that, she and the children will retreat to Norfolk’s Anmer Hall, where she can stay with her parents and husband for the support to raise two children under two.

Prince George was born in the same hospital in July 2013. Similar steps were taken after his birth so Middleton could raise her son herself rather than relying on royal nannies like previous wives of royalty.

Prince Harry and those after him have now been moved one place down in line for the throne. The baby girl sits as fourth in line to the British throne, and will not move even if Middleton goes on to have any more children with Prince William. Until last year, daughters could be moved down if there was a younger brother. However, the Succession to the Crown Act 2013 made it so that male heirs would no longer precede elder sisters.

The newborn is also automatically given the title of Her Royal Highness, HRH, and is allowed to take the title Princess. This was only possible due to an intervention in 2012 by Queen Elizabeth II. Before then, second children of second heirs did not get the automatic title, and the baby girl would have been given the title Lady.

The announcement of the name will not likely come for another couple of days. The same thing happened after Prince George’s birth. The couple will need to run through names with the Queen, but Alexandra is one of the favorites. All that matters is that Duchess Middleton has given birth to a healthy second royal baby.

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