Electric Daisy Carnival Will Be a Hot Spot for Music Lovers

Electric Daisy Carnival

Las Vegas is the ideal place for music lovers as is the Electric Daisy Carnival. Approximately 300,000 or more music lovers are expected at the Motor Speedway in Las Vegas for the Electric Daisy Carnival. The event will run from June 19 through June 21. This festival will feature all sorts of art, rides, different types of performances even some of the circus variety, and dance music.

The Electric Daisy Carnival is located at the Motor Speedway which is about 20 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. This electronic music festival which is presented by Insomniac Events will have glow-in-the-dark items of all kinds. Face painting will also be offered as well as fireworks and even carnival rides. The highlight will of course be live electronic dance music.

The festival will go on for three days with non-stop fun according to the Vegas.com site. The amount of fun and events involved are even compared to Disneyland in terms of enjoyment level. Tourists and even residents of Nevada are encouraged to arrive in Las Vegas prior to the event as early in the week as possible, the website mentions.

Many of the Electric Daisy Carnival which is also referred to as EDC artists will appear on the Vegas Strip throughout the week. They will be appearing at a variety of nightclub and even daytime club events. The site adds that this is a can not miss opportunity for fans to see their favorites up close.

The Electric Daisy Carnival event could bring in 350,000 or more so it will be a busy place indeed. Traffic will be heavy and police and traffic attendants will be around to handle the volume. The site warns people to be prepared and plan a driving route accordingly. Long wait times are also to be expected in that there will be a large number of people attending. Three-day shuttle passes are available for those who do not wish to drive. The pass costs $80 and will provide transportation to and from your hotel each day and night. Helicopters are also an option for those who wish to get around more quickly. Rates start at $500 per passenger.

Costumes are welcome at The Electric Daisy Carnival. People tend to wear crazy costumes and accessorize based on their costume. Fun accessories and costume pieces such as neon glow necklaces and flower leis are available for purchase inside the Motor Speedway. These can be pricey so the site warns that it may be wise to buy your accessories elsewhere.

The article adds that it is a good idea to bring cash. Some vendors do not accept debit or credit cards so having cash on hand is a good idea. ATMs are located at the event but some fees may apply. The article recommends that guests stay hydrated during the Electric Daisy Carnival event especially because of the high temperatures that are likely.

The Electric Daisy Carnival, which is known as the biggest dance music festival in the U.S. according to the Las Vegas Sun, supposedly began on August 29, 1992. It was held at a warehouse in Los Angeles California. The event reached Puerto Rico by 2009 and spread to Texas by 2010 and Florida by 2011. In 2012 the Electric Daisy Carnival made it to New York and in 2013 to Chicago and even the UK.

The Electric Daisy Carnival began its run in Las Vegas back in 2011. The three day festival is a hot spot for music lovers according to the Las Vegas Sun and provides top notch fun and entertainment. The article goes on to say that there is something for everyone and it is a cannot miss event. Vegas.com promises that you will be enchanted and enjoy every moment of the festival. Every year the Electric Daisy Carnival draws in tons of people either local or from all around the country or globe in some cases and it appears that it will continue to do so this year.

By Heather Granruth




Las Vegas Sun

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