‘Elementary’ Season Three, Episode 23 [Recap/Review]


Elementary returned to television last night for its 23rd episode of season three called Absconded, which saw Dr. Joan Watson, played by Lucy Liu, requesting to help in a decision that may change her captain’s life in a major way. The show also saw Sherlock Holmes’ hobby and professional life come together. Holmes is played by Jonny Lee Miller.

As Elementary’s dedicated fans already know, Holmes has had a beekeeping interest for a long time. In the episode  which was aired May 7, 2015, his partner Watson and Holmes investigate the death of a man who was a member of an online beekeeping community that Holmes also belongs too. The murder victim was researching a deadly outbreak of the Northeast honey bee.

During their investigation, Watson and Holmes run into New York’s beekeeping society leader, Tara Parker, played by Sutton Foster, who was a guest star. Parker’s academic mind and her experiences as an entomologist help solve the case.

While this is going on, Elementary’s Captain Tobias “Toby” Gregson, throws Watson a fur ball in the 23rd episode of season three. The captain requests Watson’s assistance in a personal off-book investigation, which leads to a potential life-changing decision for the Captain. He is offered the Deputy Chief’s position, and asks Watson to look into his successor, before he decides to knock back the promotion. He is warned about how promotions like this one usually happen for a reason.

Elementary is a modern-day take on the stories involving Holmes and Watson, who together solve the most impossible of cases on the books of the New York Police Department (NYPD). After a rehab stint, Holmes escapes from his fall in London to arrive in Manhattan. This is where in a funny twist, his father, a wealthy man, forces his son, the younger brother of Holmes, to live with a sober companion in Dr. Watson. The younger Holmes sees this as his worst nightmare coming true.

Watson is shown as a successful surgeon in the past, but when she loses a patient on the table, her practicing license gets cancelled. In her new job as a detective, she can still help people, but it gives her an avenue to pay her penance.

Holmes is shown as being adamant that Watson’s advice as a specialist in addiction, does not apply to his situation. He comes up with his own plan, post-rehab, which is to continue to work as a consultant for the police in New York City. The odd duo has no choice, but to work together. However, as fate would have it, Holmes learns to appreciate Watson’s medical background, and Watson discovers her skills as an investigator.

Captain Gregson is shown to have worked with Holmes previously at the Scotland Yard, and having seen Holmes’ deduction abilities first-hand, welcomes him to the team. Holmes, with his mischievous personality, would now be allowed a free hand at solving crime in New York.

It does not take much to conclude that Holmes needs someone to keep him grounded, and Watson is the perfect person to do just that. The detective comedy/drama show, Elementary, returned to CBS last night, May 7, for its season three, episode 23.

By Rebecca Brown

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