Floyd Mayweather Getting Sued $20 Million

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Boxer Floyd Mayweather recently won his victory fight against opponent Manny Pacquiao on Saturday, May 2, in Las Vegas, Nevada. After all of the celebration, Mayweather is currently getting sued $20 million by his ex-girlfriend Josie Harris, who claims he slandered her reputation during an interview with Katie Couric in April.

Harris filed the suit in a Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday, May 5. She has three children with the champion boxer, and is suing the boxer because he told Couric that Harris abused drugs, during discussion of a domestic violence affair that happened between the two in 2010.

The claim states that the boxer denied beating Harris, and also denied responsibility for the attacks which left her with serious injuries, going on to describe her as an aggressor and drug abuser that the champion boxer had to keep under control. Mayweather was in jail for 90 days for pleading guilty for the domestic violence charge in 2011, which related to the 2010 incident.

Mayweather getting sued $20 million by Harris is also because she claims she has suffered from humiliation, as well as physical and emotional distress. The alleged lie the boxer told in the interview has ruined her professional life, and resulted to critical damage in her personal life. A spokesperson for the boxer has not responded at this time.

By Krystle Mitchell


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