Hillary Rodham Clinton Hit or Miss for the 2016 Race

Hilary Rodham Clinton

On Thursday May 21, 2015 Hilary Rodham Clinton declared that she will be making her first address as a presidential nominee in the middle of June, just several months after announcing her jump into the 2016 race. According to Clinton’s team, the front-runner for the Democratic party will be making her official announcement on June 13th. Get ready; this could mean another historical mark to make history, the first female elected as president. The only afterthought is if Clinton’s run will be a hit or a miss.

So far, scandals are being released one by one. More surprises could be waiting for the nominee’s biggest fans. The presidential candidate is very smart, but has not always played her cards the smart way. She has a way to charm her audience and defend her actions, but will that be enough to get her a seat in the White House? Time will tell, as this is only the beginning of the race. The prospect will kick things into high gear come June,  and it will be an exciting summer in terms of seeing what will happen.

The political history of this front-runner involves being First Lady in the White House during Bill Clinton’s presidency, during 1993 to 2001. Spending eight years representing the state of New York as a senator has certainly given her the experience she needs as a leader. Her most recent position as the United States Secretary of State from 2009-2013 has certainly brought its share of challenges and controversies.

The former First Lady has been caught up in a number of controversies, all the way from her husband’s time spent in the White House. The Whitewater controversy was a big deal, but she was never charged for any wrong-doing. In her run as Secretary of State, there were issues with the 2012 Benghazi attack which resulted in the deaths of multiple U.S. personnel deaths. Clinton defended her personal actions in the matter and left the office shortly after with high approval ratings, stating that she wanted to leave the office in stronger hands. Five books later and after multiple speaking engagements, the presidential candidate has built a memorable career in the public eye; her resume is strong, and she has a strong background for the presidential responsibilities. She has managed to get past the controversies and is still looked at as a capable candidate for the future leadership of America. Clinton’s campaign may be a hit or a miss for the 2016 race for president while her approval ratings were high when she left the State Department, there are currently further complications that may stop her from reaching her goal.

New controversies are up for debate today as she is getting ready to announce her run the 2016 presidential campaign. The first issue is the new questions regarding her position as the U.S. Secretary of State. Regulations stated that each State Department should use the work email system to receive and deliver business related messages. Clinton has used her own private email for government business, stating that it was more for convenience purposes than anything else. The candidate’s silence can be seen as proof that she was hiding information, she remains silent on the matter and is not speaking publically about what happened.

The other scandal that has most recently made the news, are the contributions for her campaign. Many questions arise, who is contributing and for what motives. The fact that contributions of an additional $26 million have come in from undisclosed sources is disturbing. Knowledge is power, in this situation the power is in her hands, she knows where the money is coming from and what purpose it will serve. The only source of income the Clintons have admitted to is payments for speeches that Bill Clinton has been making since 2001. This information has not been confirmed. Despite the doubt and the controversies, beyond the truth and the lies, Clinton is looked upon as a strong role model and candidate for the 2016 presidential run. Clinton’s gearing for a very competitive race in this upcoming year and she comes well prepared with all her knowledge and experience. Her campaign could be a hit or a miss for the 2016 presidential run.

Opinion By Elina Brik

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