J.K. Rowling Apologizes to Fans for Killing Character in Harry Potter

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J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling has a number of regrets about her Harry Potter series, and killing off a character in the last book is one that she has recently apologized for. She took to Twitter to make the apology, and says she will spend each anniversary apologizing for a death in the franchise.

This year, the apology was for the death of Fred Weasley. While he was not one of the main characters, he was important for the world of Harry Potter and he was certainly a fan favorite. Many may not have guessed just how much of a fan favorite he would have become after the first novel. Rowling had hinted that there was a death in the last book before its release, and fans were shocked and upset to find out that it was one of the Weasley twins; although a little relieved that it was not Harry Potter.

The Casual Vacancy author tweeted over the weekend to apologize. She said that Fred was the worst death, and would start with him on this anniversary. The tweet explaining why she was apologizing for Fred came after a user questioned why she was not apologizing for other deaths, especially Tonks and Lupus, leading to Harry taking care of their son James.

A few days after apologizing to fans for killing the character Fred in Harry Potter, Rowling helped to support a fan of the books. One fan asked her what she would say to someone who was about to give up, despite it possibly getting lost in the noise in her Twitter feed. She showed that she really does care by tweeting not just one but three photos of extraordinary and beautiful events and pictures in the universe.

The first tweet came on May 2, while much of the world was watching and waiting for glimpse of the second royal baby. Incidentally, she did reply to a tweet about the royal baby’s name, saying that she wanted Nymphadora. Rowling tweeted as it was the 7th anniversary of the Hogwarts battle in her second novel. Many will be surprised that so long has passed since the last instalment of the series was released.

There are certainly some people who are angry at her for the decision to kill off the character. Some are also waiting for apologies for the decision to kill off other characters. Sirius Black was a favorite for many fans, especially as it gave Harry a father figure that he craved and needed.

Some of her fans said that there was no need to apologize for the death. Considering the size of the battle, it was likely that a fan favorite was going to die. One fan likened Rowling to Joss Whedon, saying that she is not afraid to show that death happens. Other fans just wanted to know why Fred and not one of the other characters in the series.

At least Fred went out with a dignified death, fighting the Death Eaters while Harry killed Lord Voldermort. That did not change the anger at the time, leading to Rowling apologizing to fans for the character death.

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