Jaws Helps People With a Vision Disability

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JAWS for windows is a software that is designed to help people with vision disabilities, and is an acronym for Job Access With Speech. It is the world’s largest screen reader invented help individuals who have trouble seeing the screen, or have a problem using the mouse. This software program is celebrating 20 years of being available to the public. There are many success stories, of people who have had their lives changed for the better.

JAWS is available with a braille program for more productivity, as well as speech for the most common applications for PC users. Many people all over the planet have sent in videos to demonstrate how much their life has changed from using the software. This product is sold with several features including two bilingual synthesizers that are expressive, and have voice communication. It is complete with a speaking installation, is incorporated with a free DAISY applicant and a complete set of Daisy formatted with straight forward instruction books. JAWS is compatible with Microsoft office, and many search engines such as Internet Explorer and Firefox. It is also supportive of the newest application of Windows 8, as well as gestures and touch screens. The software is well-matched to MAGic screen enlargement, as well as an open Book, skimming and analysis program. It is also compatible with MATH ML, and has a skim reader to save time. The program includes other features as well as some progressive features.

The MAGic software program is intended for anyone who has a vision impairment that interferes with their ability to work efficiently on computer programs and internet sites, such as social networking, email, documents, or various applications. There is also a specific keyboard designed to help with such impairments, manufactured by MAGic. It helps the user to work more effectively, and be more productive.

Freedom Scientific is the Manufacturer of the JAWS software, For the past 20 years they have helped people who have learning disabilities, are blind, or have poor vision to gain the ability to use a personal computer in so many ways they never had access to before. The JAWS application is completely designed to help people whose vision disability keeps them from seeing the screen correctly. Both the JAWS and MAGic software were recently updated on May 13, 2015.

A JAWS user in Wisconsin wrote a testimonial saying that after trying out a dozen or so screen readers, he decided that JAWS was the one for him. According to this user, this program was an easier fit in his life as well as suitable for his hands. As he explains it has opened him up to a whole new world, in both reading and his daily duties.Jaws

Another user who also started with JAWS 3.0, and 3.1 when he worked at Bell Atlantic, stated that his career took off and took him to new heights while using this program. He still uses it today in his current profession, as CEO of the seeing eye company.

One user started using it when 1.03 came out, while working out of the country, and they were able to develop new scripts at that time for Group wise, and Word Perfect. He applauds the people at Freedom Scientific for their work, and how it has changed the lives of so many.

The National Federation of the Blind is proudly helping to circulate the JAWS products bundle. This organization is marketing the bundle on cartridges intended to help the vision impaired and physically handicapped.

So many people have had their lives changed from this user-friendly software. The JAWS applications have helped so many do things with a computer that a vision, or physical disability had previously made impossible, but is now a reality.

By Katherine Miller-Chichester


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