Jimmy Fallon Talks ‘San Andreas’ With Dwayne Johnson [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

This Thursday on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon’s guests were Dwayne Johnson from the upcoming flick, San Andreas, and musical artist, Meghan Trainor. Johnson was also in a Graduation skit with Fallon. Later in the highly entertaining episode, Trainor sang with another special guest, John Legend.

Jimmy Fallon received a standing ovation from the studio audience, and told them “Welcome to the Tonight Show!” He did his monologue, joking about topics from the news. For instance, he joked about Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders introducing a new bill to make college education free. “There were reports that he only made around $2,000 last year for two speeches and a television appearance. That might make him the first person in history to run for president because he needs the money.”

Fallon showed a clip of John McCain talking about “lighting someone’s hair on fire.” He got kind of mixed-up as he tried to explain what he was talking about.

Then, Fallon showed a clip of Michelle Obama working out and kicking a body bag. He said that “The Secret Service is not there to protect her — they’re there to protect you.”

Jimmy Fallon mentioned that Bruce Springsteen is selling his house “for $70 million. For that much money, he comes with the house.”

Fallon said he saw something on ESPN that made him laugh. It was about the Warriors beating the Rockets, but the announcer tried to make an analogy comparing the victory to the Scarecrow from Oz, saying “You get too close to the fire, and eventually, you’re going to get burned.”

Jimmy Fallon also joked about an actual cracker Martha Stewart had come up with. “Martha Stewart has partnered with Triscuit to release a coconut and sea salt flavored cracker.”

Fallon also joked about Ann Taylor being bought out. Hillary Clinton’s photo was shown, and she supposedly commented saying that “This is a major game changer!” Another woman said “I just got shoved to the ground by Hillary Clinton.”

Jimmy Fallon said that the Red Nose Day had been earlier tonight, but everyone could still make contributions. He and Steve Higgins, the show’s announcer, gave out the phone number.

Then, Jimmy Fallon said that Sting would be on tomorrow night, and he might be singing one of his classics. Also, an actor from Entourage would be on. Tonight, Fallon said that Dwayne Johnson and Meghan Trainor will be on the show. She will be performing later with John Legend.

“It’s time for Tonight Show Hashtags!” Jimmy Fallon said. The hashtag topic tonight was #MisheardLyrics. “Within 25 minutes, it was a Trending Topic in the United States.” Some of the examples that Jimmy Fallon read off were “Come Together, right now, hold the meat!” and “Dirty deeds, dungeon feet!” Another one was “Instead of ‘More than a woman,’ I thought it was ‘bald-headed woman.'” Still another example was “I can see clearly now, Lorraine has gone.” Fallon also read “I used to think that the song from Grease went ‘You better shape up, ’cause I need a pen.'”

Jimmy Fallon

Back from a break, in a Graduation skit about a high school Graduation Ceremony from 1989, Fallon and Dwayne Johnson spoke at the event, playing high school students at the bottom of their class. Johnson called computers  a fad, and said “they won’t be around in ten years.”

Johnson said “I’m strong, I’m athletic — mark my words, I’ll be this era’s O.J. Simpson.”

Fallon’s character said “I’d like to demonstrate some karate.” He asked Johnson to punch him in the stomach, but Johnson punched him in the face accidentally. Fallon said “I should have tensed up my face.”

Fallon said “Many questions still remain. How do you throw out a garbage can? Think about it.” They ended the skit singing Living On a Prayer. The Simple Minds song, from The Breakfast Club, Don’t You Forget About Me, played and the Tonight Show went to another commercial break.

Following a break, Jimmy Fallon welcomed Dwayne Johnson, who walked onto the stage to his seat wearing a grey suit. Fallon thanked him for doing the Graduation skit. Fallon asked him if he had liked high school and had been smart. Johnson said “I was so smart I was the Teacher’s Pet.” He said he started school in Hawaii, then finished it at two different high schools in Nashville.

Fallon asked him “So that’s why you like country music?”

“Yes, and when I went to high school, I was so big people thought that I was a narc,” Johnson said.

They talked about Lip Sync Battle, when they faced off against each other in the very first episode. Johnson said that the producers told him that they were not going to tell him what songs Fallon was going to sing, because he was very competitive and wanted to win.

Then, they talked about the movie, San Andreas, about, as Johnson put it, “the biggest earthquake ever.” They had seismologists on set, checking out the script, saying “Everything in the movie could happen. We pray to God it won’t happen, but it could happen.” Fallon showed a clip of Johnson and a woman with him parachuting out of an airplane. San Andreas looks like it will be one of this summer’s blockbuster hits.

Jimmy Fallon

Following more commercials, Jimmy Fallon introduced his second guest, the lovely Meghan Trainor. Her debut album has now gone Platinum. Fallon asked Trainor about growing up in Tennessee. “I have two brothers and sisters,” she said. Fallon showed a couple of photos of Meghan and her siblings.

“Is this true? At 18, you began writing songs for Rascal Flatts?”

She said it was true, and she wrote songs for other artists. She had written All About That Bass but it did not seem to fit anybody. The record producers asked her to come in and sing it, and she said all she had was her ukulele. She came in and played it and sang it, and the rest was history, as they say.

Jimmy Fallon

She sang the song Like I’m Gonna Lose You off of her album, Title, with John Legend after another break. Legend also sings it with her on the album.

Meghan Trainor was in a black dress as she sang. She began singing the song on her own, and then John Legend walked up and started singing with her. Their voices harmonized beautifully together. It was an incredible performance and one of the highlights of the Tonight Show tonight.

Dwayne Johnson and Meghan Trainor were Jimmy Fallon’s awesome guests on the Tonight Show this Thursday. Johnson talked about his high school days, and his upcoming movie, San Andreas, and he appeared in a Graduation skit with Jimmy Fallon. Fallon talked with his second guest, the musical artist Meghan Trainor, about her family and how she got a start in the music business by writing songs for others. Then, she and John Legend closed out the show by singing Like I’m Gonna Lose You together. Check out the trailer from San Andreas, below!

Written By Douglas Cobb

San Andreas Official Trailer #3

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