Jonathan Ive – Another Significant Person to Apple’s Success

Jonathan Ive

Jonathan “Jony” Ive, the British innovator and genius designer, is another significant person to Apple’s success.  Stephen Fry of The Telegraph calls him an icon of “elegance and attention to detail.”He is now Apple’s chief design officer, and is among the most powerful people of the Cupertino colossus.

Known to have worked closely with the late Steve Jobs, the northeast London native led the design team since 1996 and has been a key person in materializing the looks of Apple devices – iPad, iPod and Apple Watch. Being moved up to the Chief Design Office will establish the designer’s management skill; and he will oversee Industrial Design and User Interface which have their respective new heads – Richard Howard and Allan Dye.

Steve Jobs founded Apple with Steve Wozniak in the 1970s and introduced the first computer with pull down menus, a mouse and a user interface in graphics. All packed in a Macintosh computer. Jobs, who left a legacy of detailed management, especially with product innovations, found a fellow perfectionist in the Englishman designer.  Ive, the other significant person to Apple’s success also has the attention-to-detail trait, making his name shine in the world of design.

In 2008, The Telegraph voted Ive, the Most Influential Briton in America. He received a prestigious Red Dot and National Design awards, even being knighted by The British Crown for his input to enterprise and design. When Apple lost its powerful leader at the peak of its success, Wall Street was concerned if the tech company can sustain its momentum.

Tim Cook now sits on the helm. Apple does not stop growing, and awes tech experts, the media, analysts and stock market figures with its worth that is equivalent to the whole US Stock Market in 1977; even more than the global coffee industry.

Apple soars higher, courtesy of the late magnetic leader Jobs and its current CEO, the highly-skilled business manager Cook. Another person who is also key to Apple’s growth and is equally passionate to the details of his creations, is Jony. He worked under both Jobs and Cook, and the more resources he spends on his work, the more desirable the products he comes up with, and the more revenue for the company.

Jobs often interfered with the works of the English designer, in ways that the latter found “maddening,” though he loved him dearly as a friend. Cook likewise regards Jony highly. In concurrent to his responsibility as Industrial Design head, Cook put him on top of Human Interface, to control more effectively design processes. Physical devices belong to ID, while HI takes care of interactions, flow, images, feel and sounds of the software.

The promotion of Apple’s design genius means he will take supervisory functions, plus handle the look and feel of the firm’s new campus and retail stores. Some watchers of Apple are bothered that he is taken away from product design. James Cook of Business Insider said the diffusion of the designer’s responsibility may be the start of his “exit” from the company he works for about two decades. The genius designer’s new position that allows him to travel more, could mean going home to England where his wife and two sons live.

Nonetheless, Cook said the Englishman’s name is on 5,000 utility and design patents, which show he is a huge part of Apple’s innovations. His move from Senior VP of Design to Chief Design Officer could also head to a design revolution for Apple, according to Gizmondo.

The legendary designer Jonathan Ive, the other significant person to Apple’s success, has worked in Cupertino since 1992. He was involved in almost all designs of the company’s main products, even chairs, desks and device accessories, like the charging connector MagSafe and iPad smart cover.

By Judith Aparri

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