Justin Bieber Dating Jayde Pierce to Make Selena Gomez Jealous


Justin Bieber is dating Jayde Pierce to make Selena Gomez jealous, a new report has claimed. Bieber, who publicly complimented his ex-girlfriend’s dress at the Met Gala earlier this month, had given the impression he was hoping that the former Disney Channel star would give him another chance. While Gomez may have considered the idea of reconciling with her ex at the time, the songstress is convinced Bieber is only dating Pierce in hopes of making her jealous after she left him.

Gomez initially ended things with the Somebody to Love artist, following a heated argument last year. The argument was so intense that she vowed to never get back with him. Although the reasons behind the quarrel were never discussed by either one of them, Gomez was quick to let the 21-year-old know that it was over for good when she began dating music producer Zedd. The two dated for three months before calling it quits in April.

A month later, and he suddenly finds himself in a relationship, too. The What The Heart Wants musician is sure that her ex-boyfriend is only dating Pierce in hopes to make her feel some sort of jealousy. “Now that she has seen the pics of Justin and Jayde, she’s convinced that he absolutely has not changed,” a source tells TheHollywoodGossip. “Justin blew it with Selena, for sure now. When she confronted him about his mind games, he gave the lame excuse of being so busy in the studio.”

The 22-year-old has been under the impression that following his sweet texts, complimenting her on how wonderful she looked at the Met Gala, they may have been able to start a new beginning together. Then, Bieber began dating Pierce in hopes to make Gomez jealous. The singer had been advised by friends not to give in to Bieber’s manipulative ways, knowing more than well that it would only lead to heartbreak, and a potential return to rehab.

Bieber was heavily blamed for Gomez’s two-week rehab stay in Arizona, last year. The singer was so heartbroken following claims her ex had been cheating on her with multiple women, she felt it was only right to seek professional help for what became a sudden downward spiral. Having dealt with “emotional difficulties,” PerezHilton reports that Gomez also began dealing with Xanax, weed, and sleeping pills — all of which led to her breakdown. Taking her rehab stint into consideration, the Wizard of Waverly Place star’s pals were not willing to let the star go through that experience again.

A source adds that she was being manipulated by Bieber, as usual. His appearances on Ellen were hard for her to watch. Bieber had openly admitted to feeling extremely uncomfortable on the show, knowing that people were judging him for the past mistakes he had made in his life, asking for forgiveness. He went on, stressing that he was changed for the better, and that the people around have noticed it. It seemingly gave fans the idea that Gomez was subliminally addressing his former relationship with his ex, letting her know that he would not hurt her again if she were to give him another chance.

In the end, it appears that Bieber could not keep up his act to try to fool Gomez into thinking he had changed. As one insider put it, the singer had only hoped to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend, only to send her back into depression and return to rehab. Bieber dating Pierce to make Gomez jealous does not seem to have worked in his favor, as the former actress has seen through her ex’s childish ways.

By Maurice Cassidy


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