Kim Jong-Un Killing Off Those Close to Him

Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong- Un, has been living a very secret lifestyle that has many reporters and experts questioning who he really is. The leader is known for many punishments, that have taken place recently and in the past, that are questioning his character. Jong-Un is killing off those that are close to him.

North Korea’s defense chief, Hyong Yong Choi, was executed in late April, for falling asleep at a military event. Jung-un claimed the chief was being disrespectful, and had to be punished for his actions. The deed was performed by anti-aircraft guns, used by a firing squad, in front of hundreds of people. Koreans fear he is following the same footsteps of his father Kim Jong-ll, and grandfather Kim II Song.

Lots of reports have began to surface about the dirty deeds of Jong-Un, with more information pertaining to Jung-un killing those close to him such as his aunt Kim Kyong Hui, in 2014, and her husband Jang Song Thaek, in 2013. When Thaek’s death first occurred, it was said he was killed by hungry wild dogs, but due to recent reports of a defector, who was one of the highest-officials that managed to escape from North Korea, told CNN, Jong-un, had his uncle-in-law executed, in a secret room underground, for corruption and treason. The following year, accusations of his aunt Hui, dying from a stroke have recently been proven wrong, according to the unknown defector Jung-un poisoned his aunt because she was complaining about her husband Thaek’s death.

The defector also told CNN that many of Jung-un’s family members were shot to their deaths after the death of his powerful uncle-in-law. The defector also stated that the brutal punishments Jong-un is implying, are disturbing to those around him. Although he comes from a history of dangerous men who have ruled over the country, officials believe Jong-un is taking is authority to rule North Korea with fear, to the extreme.

The defector has stated in Jong-un’s first three years of power, many upperclassmen have been put to death, by mortars, anti-aircraft guns, and flame throwers, in front of hundreds of people. Since North Korea is very secluded, and does not allow many individuals to come in or leave the country, the number of people considered upperclassmen that were killed can not be confirmed as factual, since previous deaths have come out as rumors, and were confirmed as murders years down the line. However, South Korean intelligence believe 15 senior officials have died within 2015. Official’s believe Jung-un fears anyone he believes can overthrow his power. While many citizens are trading on the black market to survive, the economy is barely able to function. Jung-un is said to not know anything about ruling the country since he has no idea of how politics work, and only got his job because of his looks.

Many defectors believe Jung-un is not going to reign for long because of the diminishing economy. However many experts believes the North Korean leader will reign for a long time, since many executions of powerful men has taken place, it forces the country to not have a replacement. Due to Jung-un having a large amount of military officers, to perform his killing duties, his family tradition of cruel killings have not slowed down.

South Korean officials told sources they believe one senior officer is killed every week. Jong-un killing off those close to him is giving him the reputation to be one of the most cruelest leaders in today’s society. Since North Korea is closed off for anyone that is not from the country. its news is slowly released, and most of the information reporters are able to receive come from South Korean intellectuals.

By Krystle Mitchell


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