Manny Pacquiao’s Left Hand Jab Is the Achilles Heel for Mayweather Jr.: Mosley and De La Hoya


As the day arrives for the world to witness the ‘fight of the century’, Oscar De La Hoya and Shane Mosley have shared a very key observation about Floyd Mayweather Jr. This input comes at the best possible time for Manny Pacquiao and his camp as they get ready for the colossal bout. They have said that Pacquiao’s signature move, his left hand jab is the Achilles heel for Mayweather Jr. as he does not know to block it well. De La Hoya and Mosley have both fought against Pacquiao and Mayweather Jr.  The WBO welterweight title is on the line along with the recognition as the ‘Best pound for pound Boxer’ in the world.

Apart from this, another boxing legend, George Foreman, has said that the pressure of this bout will be on Pacquiao. He said that as Mayweather Jr. is a defensive fighter, Pacquiao would have to work for opening him up and land his punches. The fight is scheduled for 12 rounds and will be a test of character, dignity, endurance, and legacy for both the fighters. The techniques of both the boxing champions are diametrically opposite. Mayweather Jr. is a master in defense and is considered as one of the best tacticians in boxing history. He is right-handed and has an orthodox stance with his left leg in front. His main tactic has always been tiring his opponents by ducking and evading punches and then using this to his advantage by unloading his straight right hand punch, his signature move.

Pacquiao on the contrary, is left-handed, a southpaw. His stance is unorthodox with his right leg in front and allows him to operate in different angles. He has a renowned left hand jab punch as his signature move, which causes an immense amount of destruction. De La Hoya and Mosley’s comment that Mayweather Jr. does not know to block a left hand jab and could prove to be his Achilles heel, is only bound to encourage Pacquiao and his camp. The two former fighters did however agree that there was the five-inch reach advantage which could work in Mayweather Jr.’s favor. However, Pacquiao has shrugged off the reach and the two-inch height advantage that Mayweather Jr. has over him.

Mosley said that he does feel that Mayweather Jr. will come up trumps. However, De La Hoya said that his mind said it would be Mayweather Jr., but his heart says that Pacquiao will win the epic bout of this generation. Today’s schedule for Mayweather Jr. will start with him having breakfast at his Southern Highlands golf course mini-mansion. It has been reported that Pacquiao will get up late in his hotel suite. He would be eating some chicken and steamed rice and his drinking water would be room temperature or warmer.

The day of the fight is mostly a lonely time for boxers according to former world heavyweight champion, Foreman. He also said that it is probably the loneliest hours that Pacquiao and Mayweather Jr. have experienced in their entire lives. He said that he remembers how lonely it was for him as there was nobody he could truly talk it over with. The bigger the fight, the greater the conversation he had with himself. De La Hoya and Mosley’s comment that Mayweather Jr. has an Achilles heel as does not know to block a left hand jab well, will certainly encourage Pacquiao as he gets ready for the biggest fight of his career.

By Ankur Sinha

The Washington Post
Business Insider