Mayweather Jr. Vs Pacquiao Recreated on ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!’ [Video]

Mayweather Jr.

The parody video created on ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!’ gaming console version to depict the Mayweather Jr. versus Pacquiao fight is bound to pinch people who paid $100 to watch the ‘Hugs of the Century’ in the middle of a boxing ring. It seemed like a really low-grade Bollywood film from the nineties. The story would normally be about two brothers who get separated when they were kids. One lives an impoverished life, fights his way through, and becomes a well-known business tycoon (in this case, a boxer). The other brother leads a lavish life, splurges money, and joins his father’s business (which in this case, is boxing).

The two estranged brothers meet after a long time gap of 10 years, neither of them aware that the other person is his brother. They get into a fight, and as soon as they look at each other, they notice that one exactly same birth-mark which both of them have on their bodies. Memories start flowing back with the childhood songs that they used to sing, the playful moments, all of them with background music flash back and the brothers hug each other. That would mark the end of a typical Bollywood potboiler.

Surprisingly, what was supposed to be the ‘Fight of the Century’, turned out to be the ‘Scam of the Century’, as predicted by many experts. It was such a big letdown especially because of the hype that was created about the fight, as well as the economics behind it. It was without a doubt, the ‘Richest’ fight ever. People would have been okay with this dampener of a boxing match, if they were not forced by their cable providers to pay $100 for this nonsensical hoax of a fight. People who are going gaga over Mayweather Jr. and his defensive capabilities, have to remember that it is boxing, and not catch me if you can. They entire 36 minutes of the bout saw Mayweather Jr. running around the boxing ring and Pacquiao, who was the aggressor in the beginning, trying to chase him and land his punches.

Mayweather Jr.The grand scale event might have given a lot of money to Mayweather Jr. and Pacquiao, television networks, the corporate, the directors of the venue, and others involved in the fight, but the fact is that it did a huge disservice to boxing, as a sport. People’s reaction to watching the fight on their television sets through the pay-per-snooze or from the MGM Grand Garden Arena, has been that the fight was an absolute waste of obscene amounts money and time. All the people who watched, whether they were really boxing fans, or they got sucked in by the hoopla created by the marketing and PR wings of the two of the biggest television networks in the world, HBO and Showtime, have been served a really cold, stale, and pathetic dish after promises of caviare and wine.

It was obviously a payout fight. What is even more ridiculous is that Mayweather Jr. himself, and other people even dared to compare him to Ali, Frazier, Foreman, and other legends of boxing whose rivalries and actual fire in the technique took the sport to it pinnacle, decades ago. Hell, high school brawls witness more punches being shared between students when they go against one another. The lies being sold to the entire world this time were more hurtful than say a fixed game of cricket, or a player using performance enhancing drugs.

The sad realization from all this is that boxing is dead now. It was almost dying and Mayweather Jr. and Pacquiao pushed it off the cliff. The video created on ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!’ gaming console version to depict the Mayweather Jr. versus Pacquiao fight shows exactly what transpired during the bout. For networks who might have already planned to charge people for watching other sporting mega events like the Super Bowl or Olympics, etc. it serves as a blaring stop sign, which means that never again, will people get fooled into paying $100 to watch such pathetic, over glorified versions of douche.

Below is a video which will try to bring some relief to the people who got burnt by the fiasco of the century. Almost everyone in their late twenties and thirties remembers the awesome video game from Nintendo named, ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!.’ Here is a chance to witness what exactly happened during the Mayweather Jr.-Pacquiao bout thanks to people at Noober Goober Gaming who have recreated all the action in the console’s beloved ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!’ fashion. Enjoy it and it’s Free.

Opinion by Ankur Sinha

USA Today

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