Memorial Day and President Obama Bring Negative Feelings

Memorial Day

Through all of the controversial moves that President Obama has made in his career in the White House that bring American’s mixed feelings, it seems that much of the public has strong negative feelings towards Obama and Memorial Day. As he has so far, and will continue to spend his day at Arlington National Cemetery, delivering an address that will honor the fallen, many are attending the event and listening with content, but other have heavy hearts on this day, and because of their losses may have a hard time expressing positive emotions on this day, anyways, or their feelings could be justified.

As the Democratic Party tweeted a picture of Obama eating ice cream on Friday, kicking off the Memorial Day weekend, many were upset commenting that Memorial Day is about more than the president eating ice cream. The Democrats later made statements that they realized the holiday was not about Obama eating ice cream. Still, perhaps they should have posted a picture of Arlington National Cemetery, a soldier’s silhouette, or the American flag. Then they following by tweeting a comment asking about whether “you [were] barbecuing this weekend” which brought about a lot of backlash.

In the meantime, President Obama has done what he can to show his support for Memorial Day, or has he? Though he traveled to Arlington National Cemetery, as is expected on this day, his speech did not reach people in exactly the way that he would want it to. Many were impressed by his words and believed that they brought justice to the fallen soldiers, many of whom are buried in the national cemetery. His speech included the mentioning of many who were related to some of the fallen soldiers, telling their stories in short. Others just felt as though Obama could never bring the fallen soldiers justice, no matter what he said. Perhaps this is because many Afghanistan troops and other military members are wondering why thousands are still over seas, or perhaps this is simply because these soldiers who died did so for the United States, and the political figures spent the weekend apparently enjoying barbecues.

Though there is no factual evidence that anyone in the White House just spent the weekend partying and barbecuing (and though many Americans do the same on the weekend) it just seems that Americans have negative feelings toward Obama on Memorial Day. Why did Obama choose to have an ice cream cone for a national picture that happened to be posted on Friday, preceding Memorial Day weekend? As well, why would the Democrats post the picture of Obama eating ice cream, as many photographers took his picture, only to receive backlash about whether they even knew what Memorial Day was about, before they posted another tweet following, asking Americans if they were going to barbecue this weekend? If they were trying to appeal to Americans with their casual style on a day that effects the entire nation, they certainly dropped the ball.

To Americans, Memorial Day is about providing memorial for those loved ones who have died. It is about honoring their graves with flowers and trinkets and making sure that the world knows, that even though a family member, friend, or fallen soldier may not have been famous enough to go down in history books or have their name remembered forever, the fact is that they were here and they were something special to someone. Sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends and more, all lay among the cemeteries across the nation and this one day is a day to remember. As well, honoring those soldiers who have provided this nation with freedom and security for so long, is a vital part of the holiday. Barbecuing and sharing war stories, or taking kids out for ice cream before or after visiting family graves, is definitely something that will help uplift spirits on this solemn day, but President Obama and the Democrats representing the day on Tweets that solely reflect barbecuing and ice cream, only caused Americans to have negative feelings toward the government and their representation of Memorial Day.

Opinion by Crystal Boulware


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Image Courtesy of The White House

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