Mmusi Maimane New Leader a Man With a Plan

mmusi Maimane

Mmusi Maimane the newly elected leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA), is a man with a plan. The DA is the official opposition party to the governing African National Party (ANC) of South Africa. The election of Maimane as the leader of the DA is a new challenge and a new era for the opposition party.

Maimane is a diverse and energetic person born in the township of Soweto, South Africa, during the apartheid era. Maimane is also a preacher and joined the DA four years ago. As the elected parliamentary candidate, Maimane displayed dynamic and intelligent arguments always enforcing the truth during debate sessions. Raised in an era of hardship and inequality Maimane’s parents worked hard to give the children a decent life. Maimane went to a state school and excelled at university. Mmusi Maimane describes life as a mixture of good values and opportunities and hard work. Maimane elaborates on the importance of family love and support and remains grateful for the caring guidance received from the family.

Maimane is a good friend of Julies Malema the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), a radical political party of South Africa. Both Maimane and Malema were victims of apartheid, strived for a better future and displayed interest in the unity of a democratic South Africa.

In the first speech as leader of the DA party, Maimane said the party is genuinely democratic nd will strive to challenge the values because of that. The real enemies of democracy are poverty unemployment and inequality, and the DA will seek to grow the value of freedom fairness and opportunity. Maimane has a plan to remind South Africans that the dream of a united rainbow nation inspired by Nelson Mandela did not die and that the DA can bring unity among the people.

Freedom fairness and opportunity are the hope for a better future for all South Africans, and the DA will strive to provide the best way forward. Mmusi Maimane will launch the DA values charter in June this year, and will continue to travel across South Africa to meet leaders and dispel rumors about being a puppet of the predominately white Democratic Alliance.

South Africa is starved of real leaders, and the overwhelming majority who voted Maimane as a leader of a genuine democratic party are excepting real change. Mmusi Maimane is a man that inspires confidence The ideology of the DA will not change and as the new leader is committed to true democracy.

The public do not vote for leaders of parties, and the values of the DA should always be the first choice when selecting a political party. Maimane can grow the party and more importantly reach out to the public to realise the actual values of freedom, equality and good governance.

Mmusi Maimane is not a heavyweight politician but does have good political instincts. A new leader and new face and a fresh dose of enthusiasm for the DA. The growth and popularity of the DA have been a combination of good governance, determination and democracy. Maimane as a black man who is passionate loyal and committed has the stamina to lead the DA with great interest. Mmusi Maimane was elected to leadership position based on his incredible leadership qualities and spirit of endurance.

Opinion by Laura Oneale

Photo by – Democratic Alliance – Creativecommons Flickr License

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