Mortal Kombat X Not the Same Without Big-Breasted Tanya to Fight With a Vengeance

Mortal Kombat X

Users who have played the recently released Mortal Kombat X have found that it is just not the same without the character Tanya, whose big-breasted physique makes her sexy while her background story causes her to fight with a vengeance. Tanya is one of the few female characters introduced to the Mortal Kombat series, though she has not yet been released as playable on the newest version of the game. After its release in April, many noticed that certain characters that had been on previous versions were missing from the newest release. After many fans began asking when the characters would appear, especially asking for Tanya, creator Ed Boon posted on Twitter that her character would appear on Mortal Kombat X in June. Though the date was not specifically stated, gamers were also wondering about other characters, such as Tremor and Predator who are also rumored to come out soon.

Who is Tanya?

The big-breasted character of Tanya is the most interesting one, to many, as she features some special moves to a background story line that states she is corrupted by evil. When she first came out, many users considered her the hottest part of the game. Complete with a revealing outfit, she was a character who also fought with a vengeance, as she stated that she was superior in the knowledge of magic and diplomacy. The character apparently believes that everything she does is for the right cause, especially as her allegiances are not of good nature. Of course, all of this is the background that creators have provided for the character.

Some of her signature moves are still the same. Tanya uses moves like the Human Cannon Drill in which she lunges forward with flaming feet, the Air Fire Blast in which she jumps into the air and sends a fiery blast toward her opponent, the Surging Blast in which she sends fire from her hands, Throw in which she throws her opponent, and Neck Break in which she obviously breaks the opponents neck by jumping on their shoulders and twisting their head with her thighs. One other specific move which defines the female character is the Kiss of Deceit combination which is a fatality.

What to Expect

In the newest version, Mortal Kombat X, creators have stated that Tanya’s appearance has changed some. Given slightly different attire (though still revealing), what seems like a smaller physique, shorter hair, and some other small changes, though her model of fighting is said to basically be the same. As well as changes to Tanya, Mortal Kombat X has also made changes to the other characters to be added, Tremor and Predator.

Many are wondering why the creators waited to include some of the most well-liked characters until the release, now in late June. It is rather odd that they would leave certain characters out, only to receive many questions from gamers who are anxious to get a chance to play as the characters in the newest version, Mortal Kombat X. Many game creators are actually using this type of move now, as they release the game and then over time, they slowly release new features, add-ons, and even bonus content. This may perhaps add to the longevity of the game. However, many fans of Mortal Kombat are not taking too kindly to having to wait for their favorite characters. Sources claim that the characters set to be released, so far, will probably only keep gamers entertained for the summer, until they begin asking “who is next?”

The Kombat Pack to Include Others

Known as one of Kombat Pack’s DLC characters, the big-breasted woman who fights with a vengeance, Tanya, will soon be playable in Mortal Kombat X. In the storyline their are actually many characters, who are not playable, but the only concrete releases that the creators have mentioned so far are Tanya, Tremor, and Predator. Other characters who fans have stated they want to see playable, and who the creators are considering releasing, are Rain, Sindel, and Baraka. These characters could possibly be the second set released to Mortal Kombat X.

Those who have played the game have certainly noticed that it is just not the same without all of the characters that they are use to playing as, from previous versions, but the good news is that the big-breasted, woman character, Tanya, will soon be back to fight with a vengeance, along with other characters who are set to be released as downloadable versions to the game. Gamers have much to look forward to this summer, as Mortal Kombat X creators plan to make releases that will give gamers a chance to experience characters that they were use to playing as before, in the newest version.

Opinion by Crystal Boulware


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