NASA to Investigate Methane Global Warming Apocalypse Threatening U.S.


NASA is set to investigate a potential apocalypse involving methane gas that is threatening the United States. A small area in the Southwest is causing a massive production of methane gas. This is the largest amount of concentration that the United States has seen. This has sparked a new investigation to figure out how and why it is occurring.

The Daily Mail said that the area of concern lies where Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona intersect at four corners. The area is only about 2,500 square miles which makes up half of Connecticut. This spot produces three times the normal amount of methane gas and NASA is determined to figure out why.

This area, which is a potential threat to the U.S., was detected from space. Researchers have gathered in the region in an attempt to uncover the reason behind the massive amount of methane gas. These individuals realize the severity of the situation and how this could possibly turn into a global warming apocalypse of some sort. The Daily Mail article added that they are using a variety of instruments to aid them in their quest for answers.

The article also said that they have a great chance at solving the mystery with all of the airborne and ground based tools that they have at their disposal. NASA is willing to do whatever it takes to resolve the situation. It plans to conduct a full investigation that can help to prevent an apocalypse from threatening the U.S. NASA is fully aware, just as researchers are, that this is a very serious issue that requires immediate attention according to New Scientist.

This issue was reported last Fall and researchers began to look into it immediately. NASA stepped up its investigation in April when its JPL team flew sensing instruments using research aircraft. This tool, a AVIRISng, and a HyTES were used to make measurements of the amount of methane present at the site. The NASA aircraft that was used helped to determine how the methane levels varied every so many feet. NASA

As The Digital Journal pointed out, methane gas is one of the primary causes of global warming. This is a huge issue and an apocalypse could be a future event is something is not done. This mysterious spot was detected by satellite some time between 2003 and 2009 and scientists are still trying to make sense of it.

The Digital JournalĀ added that while methane gas may not remain in the atmosphere as long as carbon dioxide, it is a lot more potent. It can capture heat at a faster pace and in a shorter time frame. It is dangerous and no one should forget that. Scientists have been hovering over the area for months now trying to uncover just how much of the methane is natural. Some of it likely comes from methane fields the exist in the San Juan Basin. This area is the largest methane spot in the nation and scientists are working hard to figure out the details.

Recently scientists have discovered that the amount of methane being emitted is three times more than was once reported. It is likely that a good deal of this came from leaks in the San Juan Basin, so the four corners area can only be blamed for a portion of the methane emission. Scientists and NASA specifically will continue to investigate this potential threat to the U.S. This could turn into a methane global warming apocalypse if action is not taken appropriately and NASA is aware of that. NASA is attempting to remain on top of the situation and continue the investigation to minimize the threat. This area is continuously monitored, and scientists are working hard to unravel the mystery.

By Heather Granruth

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