Natalee Holloway Parents May Soon Find Answers, New Witness Comes Forward


The parents of Natalee Holloway may soon find some answers if a new witness that has emerged, turns out to be someone who can come forward with answers. It has been ten years since the 18-year-old daughter’s disappearance, but the parents are still hopeful that they can find some evidence of what happened that night. The witness who stated that he saw long-time, alleged killer Joran van der Sloot fighting with Natalee, then leaving with her body, has led the father, Dave Holloway, to believe that he knew where the exact whereabouts of Natalie’s remains are. After the witness came forward, Dave went back to Aruba to work with a private investigator and finally gain some answers and possibly closure.

It was May 30, 2005 that Natalee Ann went missing in Aruba, while on a senior class trip, celebrating their graduation. She had just graduated from high school on May 24 from Mountain Brook, Alabama’s self-named school. Her dad immediately began looking for clues to her disappearance and a movie was even made about the alleged killer. Van der Sloot made many claims after his arrest for her disappearance, first claiming that he had nothing to do with the matter, then making snide remarks like telling Fox News that he had sold Natalee into slavery. Though sources state that he was caught on hidden camera confessing to killing Holloway.

Though Van der Sloot’s statements were conflicting, the statements of a new witness Jurrien de Jong may prove to lead Dave to his daughter. Many have wondered why De Jong did not come forward earlier in the case, given that it has been ten years, but the fact is that his statements seem to be very concrete. The witness claims that he had been involved in illegal drug activity and did not want to get involved with the cops in any way, though now, he states that he saw exactly what happened to Natalee on the night of her disappearance.

He told Inside Edition that he saw Van der Sloot chase Holloway into a small building that was under construction and then several minutes later, the alleged came out carrying her body. He also claimed that he saw Van der Sloot create a hole in a crawl space, and that it appeared to him that Holloway was dead.

Previously witnesses told police, ten years ago, that they saw Holloway leaving with Van der Sloot from a club. This is how he became the prime suspect back then. National matters have kept Van der Sloot in Aruba, as he is currently serving a 28-year sentence in prison in Peru for the murder of Stephany Flores. After his sentence is up in 2038, he is currently set to be extradited to the U.S. on charges of extorting and defrauding Natalee’s mother, Beth Holloway, according to sources.

One year ago Beth spoke out on the Oprah Winfrey show Where Are They Now? letting the world know just how she felt about her daughter’s suspected killer and the fact that she did not know more about what happened to her daughter. She said that Van der Sloot was trying to extort money from her and trying to get her to “buy” Natalee’s remains. She was working with the FBI trying to capture Van der Sloot in a sting operation that was never able to take place.

It has been ten years that Natalee’s parents have been looking for her, but now the Holloway’s may soon find answers after the new witness has come forward with information. Holloway’s dad continues to look for information in Aruba that can help lead them to their daughter’s remains so they can finally gain some closure. According to sources, a judge already declared Natalee dead, but the parents are hopeful that finding her may help them gain much needed clues as to what happened the night she disappeared.

By Crystal Boulware


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