Nepal Picking Up the Pieces After the Catastophe


Nepal is struggling to pick up the pieces after its catastrophe. There are over one million children who are now being cared for by UNICEF, as well as regular efforts that are bringing aid to the site from countries all over the world. These efforts are coming from governments and from private donors who are assisting with the efforts. Nepal is beginning to pick up the pieces after the catastrophe in a big way, but international aid is still needed. Over 90 percent of all of the clinics and the facilities in the city remain devastated and continue to have no use. The death toll has officially passed 6,200 and there are over 14,000 missing people that are completely unaccounted for to date.

Search efforts are still underway amidst the rubble to search for any survivors who might be covered by debris. Many of the buildings in Kathmandu have been destroyed, and many others need to be repaired. The initial cost has been estimated to be around $2 billion from efforts conducted thus far, but there is no way to be able to know for certain what the final number will be after more debris is removed.

There are many people on the ground who have not been treated yet and are in need of medical attention, they however not been treated.  In the villages which are around the city, most of the homes have been destroyed. If a family lost a member they have been offered tents, however, other survivors have not been offered any kind of assistance for shelter. Many people are leaving Kathmandu on buses that were provided by the government, but some stay behind hopeful they will find surviving family amongst the rubble.

Tensions are running high with the survivors who are searching for their next meal. The drinking water has become contaminated as it is yellowish in tone and many survivors are not wanting to drink it. The British and Chinese governments have been stepping up efforts sending additional helicopters, water pumps, and medical supplies. The U.N. is looking for an additional $415 million to assist with the efforts to help in the recovery efforts as conditions continue to deteriorate. There are growing fears amongst the locals and the government of Nepal that all of the local supplies will be used up soon and that foreign medical supplies will be necessary to help with the survivors on the sight.

Many of the citizens of Nepal are questioning where all of the money is that has been donated so far to the efforts, many of the survivors on the ground have been wearing the same clothing for over six days, they have no shelter, and there is a very low mood amongst the survivors. In the city of Kathmandu, there are currently no houses which are habitable meaning that all parties are fending for themselves. Nepal is reaching out and seeking the assistance of others around the world to be able to care for all of these people Nepal is picking up the pieces after the catastrophe.

By Melissa English




New York Times

Photo Credit Department of Foreign Affairs Creativecommons Flickr License

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