Nina Dobrev Unemployed Post-‘Vampire Diaries’ Exit: Career Suddenly Stalls

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Nina Dobrev may wind up lamenting leaving The Vampire Diaries, as it is being reported that the actress is having a troublesome time getting herself another job. After leaving the CW show, Dobrev had supposedly planned to move out to Los Angeles, in hopes that she will attract bigger offers for upcoming movie projects. Unfortunately, her plans have fallen through, leaving her unemployed.

The TV star is said to be struggling to get the attention of any casting directors, on the grounds that having dealt with a semi-famous adolescent vampire show, does not give her enough credit to think she can avoid a typical audition process and be given parts out of nowhere. Dobrev is crushed by the way that she is left with no main source of income, hoping that she will manage to find a new job sooner than later.

The 26-year-old had initially told Vampire Diaries‘ executive producer Julie Plec that she was enthusiastic to leave the show after Ian Somerhalder’s engagement to her former pal, Nikki Reed. Dobrev was uncomfortable with the thought that her ex-boyfriend was situated to marry the woman she once considered a decent friend of hers, and that working with her ex on another season would not have been appropriate for either of them.

On another note, Dobrev has been wanting to make a name for herself on the big screen, having effectively encountered an essence of it with the Damon Wayans-led film Let’s Be Cops. The 2014 motion picture grossed a whopping $137 million at the box office, giving the former Degrassi star every reason to believe she can pull in similar numbers once she lands another film role. Still, Dobrev has not had much luck in finding her next big project, and is currently left unemployed following her Vampire Diaries exit.

For whatever reason, Dobrev was somewhat convinced that with all of the projects she has worked on, casting directors would beg for her to star in their films. This is rarely the case unless it is an Oscar award-winning actress, such as Meryl Streep or Halle Berry. These actresses are often given roles without having to audition simply because they have proven themselves to be great performers. Dobrev, then again, cannot request the same sort of treatment when her resume is somewhat vacant.

Several insiders suggest that Dobrev is feeling down over the idea that she may end up struggling to find a new job. She had spent six years working on The Vampire Diaries, meaning that for six years, her main income was made through this particular show. Now that she has decided to quit the show over her ex-boyfriend, the Canadian-born star has placed herself in a rather awkward position, which finds her puzzled by not knowing what the future holds for her.

Her exit from Vampire Diaries came just a couple of episodes before the program’s season was set to wrap, which seemed odd, because had she announced her departure from the beginning of the season, she may have had more opportunity to make sense of her next move. In the end, Dobrev should not have gotten into a relationship with her co-star, as she would not have been facing the issues she is dealing with now.

The actress is struggling to make it in Hollywood and she is now unemployed. Things could not be worse. Being unemployed after experiencing a great deal of success on The Vampire Diaries is bound to make anybody sad. To then learn that the actress can not find work is even more upsetting.

By Maurice Cassidy

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