Obesity in Kids Reaches Higher Levels


Experts say that even though it is no simple task, helping young children develop healthy eating habits is essential and definitely worth the effort involved. Medicine Net added that good nutrition is key and can help to prevent children from being overweight and obesity in general. The article also said that children who are obese are at risk for developing diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and even asthma.

Research shows according to this article that obese children have to deal with bullying, feeling like an outsider, and even feeling sick. The article added that no parent should want their child to endure these things due to their weight. It was also pointed out that one in four children in the United States between the ages of two and five are overweight or obese based on studies, so it is important to teach children healthy eating habits and behaviors at an early age.

Exposing children to healthy foods and letting them choose which ones they want to eat and how much is a good idea that article mentioned. This will help them to identify when they are hungry and when they are full and learn the concept of moderation. It is important to provide foods that are rich in nutrients rather than just calorie dense foods. The article suggested giving children fruits and vegetables as a snack choice as opposed to cookies or other sweet things. Also 100 percent juice is a better option than soda.

Food should also never be used for reward purposes. It is better to play a game with them or do some type of fun activity for rewards. Parents should serve as an example for their children especially when it comes to healthy eating habits. They learn about good food habits by watching the adults that are in their lives. The article also advises parents to monitor what their kids are eating outside of the home as well. It went on to say that diets are never a good idea for children even if the child is overweight. This can lead to eating disorders and other issues later in life. If you provide them with healthier food options and increase their activity level it can help them in a more positive way.

Parents can also promote healthy eating habits by cooking with their kids, involving them in grocery shopping and planting a garden, and ultimately serving as a positive role model. Kids learn through the actions of others and if they see adults eating healthy it can influence them in a good way. You want to encourage children not set them up for failure or ruin their self esteem. Obesity should be a concern for parents as well as ways that they can prevent this from happening.

Dr Carina Norris who is a nutrition expert explained how there is a ton of sugar in foods such as cereal, ketchup, and ready made meals. She added that people do not realize the amount of sugar that is in these common foods according to Pulse. She added that children who are exposed to these types of foods on a large basis are at risk for diabetes and heart disease. If they they are dealing with obesity or have become overweight their risk is even more serious. She continued that parents really need to closely monitor what their children eat in that there are serious health risks involved.

KHOU stated that the rising rate of obesity in kids may be causing more than just physical harm. Research shows that obesity can negatively impact academic success as well. The article said that our nation’s economic and intellectual future may be at risk because of the ever rising obesity epidemic. Millions of students and their academic success could be at risk if something is not done about obesity. It is a serious issue and the mental health and well being of these kids are being threatened by obesity. Obesity can lead to major health problems and interfere with the education of our youth. It can negatively affect the lives of our nation’s youth and the youth all around the world unless an intervention occurs and parents can help by being positive role models.

 By Heather Granruth




Medicine Net

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