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Pope Francis Is No Turkey When It Comes to World Matters


Pope Francis

Controversial Pope Francis is no turkey when it comes to world matters, and with delighted officials preparing for the September visit by Pope to the United States, there are hints of aggravation on the rising. The scheduled visit will include Washington, Philadelphia and New York City.

The Vatican has confirmed that the Pope will visit Cuba before commencing the U.S. trip. Speculation of what the Pontiff will say upon his visit is a talking point among officials, and there are assumptions that the Pope will challenge the “American Idea” of God-given rights exemplified in the Declaration of Independence. The question on everybody’s lips is whether Pope Francis will embarrass both the Vatican and the belief of Catholics by taking on this challenge.

The Pope is not the first non-Italian to hold the top post. However, the Pope is first in other aspects; he is the first pope from the Americas the and first from the Southern Hemisphere, being the first Jesuit pope to hold office. Pope Francis is also the first non-European pope since the year 741. As both a religious leader and an individual, the Pope is known for commitment to improving relationships between people, and for having a profound concern for poor people and humility. The Pope has displayed a humble approach to the papacy, an act far less formal than his predecessors.

As people prepare for the Pope’s visit, there will be hysteria and attacks on issues the Pontiff will debate. Pope Francis is deeply involved in reforming Communists in Cuba, combined with people outside of the Catholic faith (including Muslims, Jews, and Protestants). The Catholic faith is divided on issues the Pope continues to debate. On one hand, there is the need to build up the faith, and the pace at which the Pope is leading is far too slow. On the other, there are the cynics who remain displeased by most of the words uttered by the Pope, including the actions taken.

Pope Francis has changed course by not following past Popes. An open-minded religious leader, he is often speaking on emerging issues. The Pope continues to voice concern over world problems, and dips into politics from time to time.

Not everybody wanted to hear the recent discussions on topics of climate change and poverty yet. However, Pope Francis did not back down on these pressing issues. The Pope wishes to lobby politicians and religious leaders to sign in new goals regarding climate and anti-poverty issues.

There are a few people who are unhappy with the Pope’s decision to tackle issues where little expertise is held by the pontiff. His getting involved in political areas raise the fear that the Pope will falter from the course, and end up leading people into deeper religious matters.

Pope Francis should pray more, especially for world peace and reconciliation, instead of garnering around Muslims who have no intention of converting to the Catholic faith. The humble attitude of the Pope is admirable and adored by many; at the same time, however, it both confuses and incites anger toward the Holy Father. Pope Francis is different, a man committed to the faith and committed to changing the world for all humankind. Perhaps the adored Pope will succeed where politicians and world leaders have failed.

Opinion by Laura Oneale


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Photo Courtesy of Martin Schulz Flickr Page – Creative Commons License