Princess Charlotte Named After Grandparents and Great-Grandmother

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Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, the new royal baby, was named after her grandparents and great-grandmother. She was given the full name Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, with many assuming that she will either be called Lottie or Charlie for short. Kensington Palace officials said that the name spoke for itself, and that was certainly clear at first glance.

Elizabeth comes from the royal baby’s great-grandmother as well as great-great-grandmother. Queen Elizabeth II was named after her mother, as well as Queen Elizabeth I of England. Elizabeth I was the second daughter of Henry VIII, and the first of Anne Boleyn. There is another link to this line for the new royal baby. Both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are descendents of Anne Boleyn’s sister, Mary. The month of May also marks the anniversary of Anne Boleyn’s execution, with May 2 being the date that Anne Boleyn was arrested for treason.

Diana is a nod to the baby’s late grandmother. Prince William has always tried to keep the memory of Diana, Princess of Wales alive, and there have been many nods to her throughout his relationship with Kate Middleton. She was given Diana’s engagement ring and Prince George was christened in the same place that Diana’s body now lays.

Another person who has been important in Prince William’s life has been his father, Charles, Prince of Wales. That is why Princess Charlotte has been given the female version of his name. Prince Charlotte of Cambridge is named after her two grandparents from William’s side, as well as her royal great-grandmother.

While it seems like the Duchess of Cambridge’s family has been forgotten, there is a link in the name Princess Charlotte. Her sister, Pippa Middleton, has the middle name Charlotte, which is why it was one of the bookies’ top choices for a first name for the fourth in line to the throne.

There is also another royal link in history. Charlotte was the name of a queen consort, as well as a Princess of Wales. George III’s wife was Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. George III bought the Queen’s House for his wife, and it was later added to and is now known as Buckingham Palace. Unlike many queen consorts before her, she and George had a mutual affection for each other and it helped them thrive as a royal couple. She did struggle when George III suffered from his mental illness, and even feared being alone with him. In the end, she was outlived be him, but did provide him with 15 legitimate children, one of those called Charlotte, the Princess Royal.

One of those children, George VI, had a daughter and named her after his mother. Princess Charlotte of Wales was expected to become queen, as the only daughter of the king. However, she died at the age of 21 shortly after childbirth. She was in labor for 50 hours, and it led to a stillborn child.

While there is a history in the name Charlotte, most believe that the name choice was due to Prince Charles. Either way, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge has been named after her great-grandmother and two grandparents.

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