‘#Richkids of Beverly Hills’: Who They Are

#richkids of Beverly Hills

#richkids of Beverly Hills

#Richkids of Beverly Hills has returned this past Sunday (May 24) for the first season and those who have not watched it are curious to learn who they are. This hour-long show is basically about seven 20-something friends from the well-known well-to-do area who generally throw around money on clothes, shoes, cars, electronics, and parties like it is water. Before turning on the TV and tuning into E! on Sunday (May 31) 10PM EST, would-be fans can get a preview of the list of those rich kids.

Dorothy Wang

Raised in the “best city in the world,” 27-year-old #Richkids of Beverly Hills star Dorothy Wang never realized her parents’ wealth until an article in Forbes Magazine revealed her family’s net-worth.  She loves to throw around money partying with friends, and shopping to the point where she cannot even keep track of all the Birkin bags she owns, the cheapest one being about $10,000. With over 648,000 followers on her Instagram, she is fairly close to having her dream of being the “Asian sensation of the world” realized.

Morgan Stewart

#richkids of Beverly HillsMorgan Stewart, age 28, acknowledges her “very large boobs” and her penchant for Louboutin heels, in which she owns 200 pairs, each costing around $1500, which in turn inspired the title of her blog, Boobs-and-Loubs. She comes from a high net-worth family – her dad being an architect who constructed shops along Rodeo Drive. Stewart had her own Beverly Hills home, prior to moving in with her boyfriend, Brendan (spoiler alert: to whom she will be getting engaged at some point this season) and like her BFF Wang, who she met in spin class, she has an incurable addiction with Instagram, in which she has over 600,000 followers.

Brendan Fitzpatrick

Brendan, Stewarts grossly spoiled, big-spender boyfriend will get an upgrade to fiancé in an episode later on in season three of #Richkids of Beverly Hills. Fitzpatrick grew up always getting whatever he wanted and as a Realtor at age 19, sold his first house for a whopping $15 million. At 27, he is now making even more than the amount in which he sold his home.

Roxy Sowlaty

Persian princess Roxy Sowlaty lives with her parents, sister, and canine family member. A pro at shopping, she was given six credit cards with no spending limit to assist in her sprees roughly ranging between $20,00o to $30,000 each month. Her life took a dramatic turn in season two of #Richkids of Beverly Hills when her parents abruptly cut her off from her cards. Sowlaty said in retrospect that this came to be a blessing in disguise as she was now able to learn how not to rely on her parents for everything. Sowlaty this season has moved out of her parents house into her own luxury apartment.

EJ Johnson

Magic Johnson’s son EJ, is from Los Angeles but frequents New York City. His sister Elisa also appears frequently on #Richkids of Beverly Hills. Though the son of one of the most successful personalities in the NBA, Johnson went through his own challenges, both with his weight and coming to the realization that he was gay. Season two ended with his most dramatic transformation, when he underwent weight loss surgery, reducing himself to almost half his original size. This season, he will be showing off his new figure with pride.

Jonny Drubel

One of the more complex cast members, songwriter Drubel has had to cope with his past of being bullied when he was younger before finding his inner self-confidence. Due to his experiences, and the fact that he is one of the two gay men on the show, EJ looks up to him as somewhat as a personal guru.

Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff

Newcomer to #Richkids of Beverly Hills, the 24-year-old daughter of David Hasselhoff who owns the magazine Bellus, is good friends with Johnson mainly because they share the similar experiences in having famous parents. Things will be sure to get dramatic as Hasselhoff and Sowlaty may get to revisit their rocky high school past. Hasselhoff and Sowlaty’s younger sister had a falling out during that time, which prompted Sowlaty in turn  to act as the latter’s protective older sister.

Between the character development of Johnson as he sports his new look, to his relationship with Drubel, as well as the awkward reunion between Sowlaty and Hasselhoff, and the upcoming wedding, season three of #Richkids of Beverly Hills will give fans a true flavor of who these cast members really are. Sources are saying that season three will be sure to be the best one of the series.

By Bill Ades

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