Rob Kardashian Enters Rehab to Overcome Weight Gain, Drug Addiction Battle


Rob Kardashian has checked into rehab in hopes to control his ongoing weight gain and drug battle, it has been reported. The reality star, who blamed his breakup with Rita Ora for his downfall, is said to have checked into a Palm Beach drug and alcohol rehab facility, which is his first big move to get his life back on track, Gossip Extra reveals.

The 28-year-old has been carrying on with a somewhat hopeless life, supposedly concealing himself away at Khloe Kardashian’s home. One episode on the family’s hit show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, saw the TV-personality refuse to open his bedroom door when his siblings stressed they had not seen him in weeks. Family members became so frustrated that a therapist was asked to intervene, but, unfortunately, they did not have much luck since the socialite refused to cooperate.

Insiders add that Kardashian’s decision to distance himself from family members is not surprising, seeing that the star is suffering from depression. He is embarrassed for the person he has become but fails to take any positive actions that will lead him on the right path. The USC-graduate stunned his family when he skipped Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kanye West last year after being heavily ridiculed by the media who joked that the Dancing With the Stars runner-up had eaten the man Bruce Jenner used to be.

Nonetheless, sources near to the family have uncovered that the Arthur George sock designer is battling with his weight gain while additionally fighting depression and an affirmed drug problem. Notwithstanding having offered to help their vexed relative, no one was mindful of how genuine Kardashian’s issues were becoming. 34-year-old Kardashian broadly told an advisor that her sibling is acting like an “infant,” he needs to quit depending on his family to give him cash and find himself an occupation.

As per insiders, the entrepreneur is beginning to turn his life around, knowing extremely well that rehab is the main path for him to conquer his evil spirits. The 60-day treatment will see the 28-year-old overcome various of things, including his yearning to drink liquor for the duration of the day while downing gigantic portions of food mixed with Xanax pills. Taking without end some of his principle substances will have a colossal effect on the reality star’s life, a source uncovered.

Notwithstanding being miserable in the body that he is in right now, Kardashian is said to have been anticipating his stay in rehab. He is determined to pull through and begin a new life once he successfully completes the treatment program, well aware that he is almost turning thirty and certainly does not want to continue living a depressed life by then.

Since the news broke that the socialite had entered rehab, Kris Jenner has firmly denied the reports, although it is believed that the momager is doing so in order to prevent paparazzi from lurking around the facility. Jenner is said to have been very supportive over her son’s decision to seek help, having famously spoken to a therapist on KUWTK, where she explained her difficulties in seeing her son lock himself away from her. “I feel like if I don’t help [Rob] do something drastic, he’s gonna die,” she explained.

He has effectively separated himself from the family’s reality show, trusting that once he returns home from his stay in rehab, he will have all the protection he needs to further his recuperation. The family’s bond will get much more grounded, a source concluded. Kardashian entering rehab for weight gain and drug-related problems will see the star leave the facility as a better man.

By Maurice Cassidy


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