South Africa: A Good News Story According to Zuma

South Africa

President Jacob Zuma spoke about South Africa 400 years ago, and how the country had peace and joy before the others came, indeed a good news story or so it might seem to the 62 percent of uneducated voters. Words of a revolutionist with no claim to validate that historical claim. Yes, the story and the joy of the Zulu tribe killing and slaughtering innocent people until Jan Van Riebeeck arrived. The good news story ties into hate speech.

During the speech Zuma said South Africa was moving forward under his leadership and listed xenophobia crime as grave problems. Zuma said something was wrong with sections of society. Zuma has a good story one about no potential growth and corruption and crime, but the dribble that spews from his mouth is told to the poor, oppressed people who do not understand democracy.

When South Africa embarked on the post-apartheid, freedom journey, there was an intense and exhilarating excitement. For the majority of South Africa to start on a journey toward a cohesive society and unlock South Africa’s real potential. Steering the ship was Nelson Mandela, who partly succeeded in wooing the people to unite under the rainbow nation. Stepping down and handing over the reigns to Thabo Mbeki, the cracks began to appear. Crime began to increase, and the people remained ignorant. The ship faltered and began losing direction and along came Jacob Zuma and the ship sunk. The only purpose Zuma had was to secure a seat on the throne.

The problem with the masses remaining poor is due in large part to ignorance by placing the power into the hands of a corrupt government who in turn oppress the people. The citizens of South Africa are capable of succeeding but with the current government cannot make progress. Educating the masses is important to overcome and eliminate the poverty that threatens the lives of the poor people.

The leader of the Democratic Alliance Mmusi Maimane said that when applying the mind to the South African good news story, it is perhaps a realization that the country does not need Zuma and his no economic growth. It is a story of moving forward with crime, corruption and keeping the African National Congress (ANC) party in power. It is a story of remaining uneducated, living in fear and in squatter camps. Maimane likens Zuma to a jester rather than a leader.

The only way South Africa can work and be successful is when the people stand together against the corruption, united as South Africans and not by cultural differences, to move forward into a democracy, with a government which will lead and take responsibility. South Africa needs a democratic government to lead by example. South Africa must move forward to avert a total disaster. Moving forward in a respectful manner and not the Zuma way. In the good news speech, Zuma said that the country is doing well, all institutions are strong and all aspects of the state are functioning effectively. Perhaps Zuma was telling the good news story to the cronies and co-conspirators of the elite Zuma land only.

Opinion by Laura Oneale

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Photo Courtesy of GovernmentZA Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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