South Africa Falling Into a Dark Abyss

South Africa

South Africa is falling into a deep and dark abyss reserved for failed states. The legislated affirmative action, the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and the Employment Equity Act designed to address the inequality of the past and to correct the legacy of apartheid. Coupled with the preferential tendering, fast-tracking government and public sector control, it is mockery and contempt on the capabilities of the minority group.

The white minority group of South Africa represents nine percent of the people and the tendency of the majority to blame the current problems on race is an accusation of foolishness. The problem is not racial, it is the abuse of power, rampant injustice, corruption in both the private and government sectors. Extreme poverty and non-delivery of essential public services are the real existing problems that remain unresolved.

The South African government continues to drive out the minority in government, and public services in line with the BEE legislation. There is a patently limited management talent in South Africa and by swathing the public and government sectors with unqualified or inexperienced people, problems do arise. The alternate solution would be to escalate education and skills to reduce inequality.

There is no point in accusing former white schools of the present condition, this will not improve the situation. South Africa will stagnate into a darker abyss and closing private schools will not alter the progress of the future. Children do not learn, the teachers do not teach, the development and lamented standard of education is a critical factor in inequality.

Hanging onto the past and blaming apartheid for all the current problems does not change the current situation. While the majority and the African National Congress (ANC), ruling party might have a burning anger against the former apartheid legacy, it does not make a sound policy. There are countries in Africa such as Ghana, who have buried the past and focusing on the future, with outstanding results. The focus on race to the exclusion of all other factors does not help South Africa.

It is all about mismanagement and incompetence of the ANC government. There is no point in continually blaming the Afrikaners for the breakdown in family structure or existing problems. The new and current problems cannot be blamed on apartheid as this will not solve the inequality.

There is no need for the ANC government to protect the interest of the white minority group. The ANC government does not require the minority votes to stay in power. The ANC represent the middle-class interests of predominately black owned capital. Over the past 20 years, there is a realistic changing racial composition of wealth and poverty in South Africa. There is a significant rise in rich black capitalists, a new middle class and plenty of poor whites. While every new chaos is painted by color, the problems do not resolve. It should be about education, skills, and honesty.

While government and political parties continue to fan the flames of racial tension at every opportunity, it is an attempt to hang on to every vote by portraying powers of fighting the apartheid regime. The traditional and cultural electorates of waving the power of racial discord in an attempt to stay in power. As long as quotes of “white people stealing the land and now is the time to take it back,” continue, there will be stirrings of racial hatred. The gullible voters are overlooking the real current problems as they are blindly led to believe the past apartheid government is the only cause of current problems. Education is the key, and only then will voters be able to distinguish that color is not the problem. Citizens need to align the truth with competence, good governance and realistic opportunities for all people of South Africa. There is no engagement and understanding among the different cultures only a collusion of greater racial hatred.

The ANC government has abandoned the rainbow nation concept and continues to lead the masses to racial inequality. The legislation of laws to divide the people does not grow a nonracist, noncorrupt South Africa. In 1994, the ANC said the party was ready to govern a democratic society based on equality and non-racism, how far has the governing party detracted from the promise to the masses.

Opinion by Laura Oneale
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