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Texas, California, and New York States Provide Better Health Through More Jobs



Studies have long worked to prove that certain factors affect a person’s health, either in a positive way or a negative way. Naturally these things would be monetary, as wealth seems to be a large focus in this world. But could living in states like Texas, California, or New York actually provide a person with better health, if they reap the benefits that these states have to offer, and choose to take advantage of resources that may be available in those locations, such as more job opportunity?

For people who often keep up with the news, sources generally post studies on the top places to live, every now and then. Readers generally feel negative feelings toward these types of reviews as they believe it is all just a bunch of bull. However, over and over again the same states, or cities within these states, seem to show up on the list of top contenders. These are Texas, California, and New York. While this article is not meant to persuade anyone to pick up and move to find better jobs, better economy, or even a better life, it is simply to examine whether or not sources have reason for picking these states.

As larger states and more densely populated areas, it is fitting that Texas, California, and New York would make the list of top places to live, but could they also be related to health? Though it is apparent that people die everyday from every state, Texas, California, and New York may provide people with the things that researchers say lead to better health. Less stress, a great, enjoyable job, and great wages can all contribute to a person being in a better state of health. This is because money can buy better healthcare, better and healthier food to eat, and even a safer environment. Stress can cause health problems that often contribute to people experiencing no way to relieve their symptoms (without being committed). After all, how does one relieve stress if they continue to live the same life style? This is where a great job comes in. A great job can actually lead to both.

So if these three factors actually do contribute to better health, then it is only fitting that states that may be able to provide these things, like Texas, California, and New York, can actually lead to better health, for those who live within them. A recent study published by Forbes once again points out cities, within these three states, as top places to live. Cities like Austin, Texas, San Francisco, California, and New York, New York (though taken off the Forbes list due to high cost of living) remain to be seen as some of the top cities in the world for finding top jobs. In addition, the most recent ranking of state economies by Business Insider (BI) also found favor in Texas, California, and New York. Texas, comes in spot number two with the best ranked economy, following the first place of North Dakota. New York then follows with the number third spot, according to BI. Though California has a listing of place number twelve, out of 50 that is still a good ranking.

The real question here though, is if states like Texas, California, and New York may actually better a person’s health. Though two years old, U.S. News put out information about research done by psychologist Sheldon Cohen, who actually set out to prove that the wealthy are healthy. He actually injected participants with a cold virus, while asking them if their parents owned a house when they were children. For those who said their parents did not own a home, Cohen said participants often became sick, while those who said that their parents did own their own home during their childhood, often did not even show slight symptoms of being sick. Cohen was sure to comment that he believed that people who had good jobs and more money were able to possess the things that contribute to better health.

He said that being able to buy better healthcare (or have it if it came with job benefits), being able to buy healthier food, being able to own a home in the same environment that was in a safe neighborhood, and being able to avoid stress that comes with no money and a stressful job, is what contributes to great health. He also said, for the children in wealthy families, that they have happiness, healthiness, and the ability to delay gratification, as they have a high sense of security in the fact that their needs will be met. He said that being able to delay gratification (knowing that a reward will come later if a person waits for the result) helps children, as they become adults, to be less likely to pick up habits that destroy health, like smoking, heavy drinking, and drug addiction. As well, children who are raised on healthy food tend to keep healthy eating habits. Many other researchers have also released these claims, throughout the years.

All of that being said, if Texas, California, and New York are constantly listed among the top states to live for more and better jobs, better economy, and decent cost of living (though obviously in some places, like major cities the cost of living is somewhat high) then perhaps they may provide the things that lead to better health. A great job, a great salary, and less stress can all help a person contribute to their’s and their family’s health, according to researchers. So while most people believe that statistics and articles that show the top places to live and the states with the top jobs available are made of crap, it may be fair to consider the fact that there may be something to all of the hype. Any person who does not believe that these articles are correct, can certainly do research to determine which cities and states are the best places for finding great jobs and a great economy, but once the research is done, one should possibly consider looking into the possibilities of moving to get a better job. Otherwise the stress, poor wages, and poor health will only continue. However, that is only if living and working in places like Texas, California, and New York, may actually help a person find the factors that may lead to better health.

Opinion by Crystal Boulware


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