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The Flash season finale did not disappoint its fans, in this finale Barry Allen finds out why Eobard Thawne killed his mother, and Thawne tells him he can get his mother back, but The reverse Flash would get to go back to his own time. If The Flash changes history by saving his mother, he may also inadvertently change something that could be harmful to him or others. In this episode Allen, the Flash enlists the help, and advice of his friends to help make the decision on whether or not to save his mom, by setting The Reverse Flash free. Saving his mother can bring his dad back to him also. The Flash must decide if he should do something for himself, and risk making things worse for the world, or do what would be right for everyone else.

Grant Gustin plays Allen, and is the super hero The Flash, Tom Cavanagh, portrays  the Reverse Flash, and his secret identity is Thawnewho is from over 100 years in the future, and is enemy’s  with The Flash, he traveled back in time to kill his enemy as a child, but The Flash from the future followed him back, and protected his smaller self from harm. Reverse Flash figured out that he could stop his nemesis from ever having powers by killing his mother, but in doing so he created a paradox in time, where he also lost his powers, and could not get home. So he hatched a plan to get back to his time, by killing Dr. Harrison Wells, and assuming his identity. He created an accident that gave Allen his powers to become The Flash, because in order for him to get back home he needed his help. Thawne did get his powers back slowly, but was not able to call upon them until the end of the show.

In this seasons finale, Allen grew up only knowing something impossible happened to his mother, and his father is convicted for her murder. Allen struggles with the his dilemma through most of the episode, his friends tell him he should do it to save his mom, and get his father out of jail. However his dad tells him not to do it, he loved his wife, but there was too much of a risk of something happening to him, or someone else. His father told him it may cause The Flash not to receive his powers, and he would not be able to do any more good for the world, His best friend, who is like a sister to him, Iris, played by Candice Patton, told him he should stop thinking about everyone else for once, and do what he wanted, what would make him happy. Meanwhile Caitlin, and Ronnie, portrayed by Danielle Panabaker, and Robbie Amell, had a very small, and intimate wedding ceremony outdoors, Allen was there, and Dr. Martin Stien, played by Victor Garber, he performed the ceremony. The couple looked so much in love, she wore a beautiful white strapless wedding dress, and the two of them have that on-screen chemistry that fans look for.

Ultimately Flash made the right choice, he did not save his mother, but he did have a little heart warming talk with her, it was a beautiful moment between a mother, and her son. When Eddie shot himself in the heart to stop Reverse Flash from being able to harm any one else, there was a very moving moment between him and Iris. Cisco, played by Carlos Valdez, was told by Thawne that he has the power to see the future of alternate universes, and was able to explain that Eddie was a relative of Reverse Flash, and he had just erased him from existence. The season finale of The Flash left everyone on a cliff hanger, when erasing Thawne from time, he had created a black hole over the city, The Flash when in to try to stop it, and then it ended. The writers left everyone hanging.

Written by Katherine Miller-Chichester

Sources: Full cast and crew

EW: Fast Enough

Photo courtesy of Dominick D’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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