‘The Good Wife’ Season Comes to an End

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The Good Wife

The Good Wife’s season finale on Sunday will see diehard fans reach for their tissue box as one of their favorite characters leaves the show. In wrapping up the sixth season of The Good Wife, Kalinda Sharma, played by Archie Panjabi, has her final appearance on the Emmy award-winning show. The episode will also see the main character, Alicia Florrick, played by Julianna Margulies, return to her origins.

In last week’s show, Florrick had no choice but to resign as a voting scandal rocked her position of state attorney for Illinois. She was now a stay-at-home mom, with one problem, she did not have any children staying around. Florrick is now coming to grips with an abandoned political career and the humiliation that follows as she contends with her role in private and public life. This theme will continue into the seventh season, according to the show’s creators Michelle and Robert King.

The Kings reveal that the season finale of The Good Wife will divulge a letter’s contents that Sharma leaves for Florrick, prior to her exit from the show. With her image in public at a low, Florrick tries to learn about her failings and where she went wrong. She must now decide whether she does want to be on the public stage and if so, how this will play out. Suggestions of creating her own idealistic law firm are made.

Michelle King reportedly said that returning to a humiliated Florrick produces an interesting plot as that was how the series started. Now, viewers will see whether the past six years have taught her better coping skills, and if she deals with the humiliation this time round in a better way.

The Kings believe it is a constant struggle to make Florrick an underdog character, which always makes for a good hero. At the start of The Good Wife, this was not an issue as there were numerous ways that Florrick’s life had been a struggle.

Season seven of The Good Wife will see the law used for political means. It will also demonstrate politics being played out nationally.

Motivation behind The Good Wife’s storyline stemmed from a number of political scandals that happened in real life, where male politicians would confess their political or sexual misdemeanors with their wives standing next to them in support. The Kings found it intriguing that some of those wives were in fact lawyers.

There is no doubt that Sharma’s exit from The Good Wife on Sunday, during the final episode of season six, will be met with tears. Without divulging too much about the season finale, the 42-year-old Panjabi, who plays Sharma, spent the last day on set in a bar. She said in the final scene all the characters are sad, and then she just gets up, thanks them, and walks out.

At least Sharma’s exit from The Good Wife does not seem to be as traumatic as when Josh Charles, played by Will Gardner, left the show last year. Charles was fatally shot in a tense scene in the courtroom.

Asked whether fans should be concerned that two of the main characters have left the show in just two years, Panjabi shrugs it off, saying that The Good Wife is an unpredictable show, so nobody can predict what will happen. Panjabi has revealed to the media that she has decided to leave the primetime United States television show two years ago. While she loved Sharma’s character, she felt that after six years it was the right time to leave. The season finale of The Good Wife is at 9pm Sunday on CBS, and is set to be a real tear-jerker.

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