The Vampire Diaries: I’d Leave My Happy Home for You [Recap/Review]

The Vampire Diaries

Will Elena take the cure? That was the big question on everyone’s lips when it came to The Vampire Diaries this week, I’d Leave My Happy Home for You. After last week and the trailer for this week, it looked like both Elena and Damon could become human, but someone wanted someone to stop.

The Vampire Diaries this week starts with a more happier note than usual. While Alaric is grading papers, someone covers his head with a hood while Jo gets a visit from a cop. It turns out that Damon kidnapped his friend and the cop is a stripper. The wedding is getting closer, and these are the bachelor and bachelorette parties.

It turns out that Bonnie really has turned into a friend for Damon. After Damon told Elena about his future, she left and Damon needed Bonnie to find out more about his girlfriend. Jo’s bachelorette party is spent with Bonnie and Elena talking about the cure. Damon, meanwhile, is avoiding talk about sharing the news to Stefan that there is another cure.

Enzo turns up and wants Stefan’s help. He puts calling Caroline on hold to get to his mom and stop her from eating everyone at The Grill. When he gets there, he admits that he knew all about the “web of lies” that Lily created to get him to turn his humanity back on. It is then that he finds out Enzo was turned by Lily. Damon wants to lock his mom up and deal with it later, but Stefan wants to help her. He believes that she really does love him. Poor Stefan gets a similar line from Lily that he got from Elena when she became a vampire: the woman that loved him died. Poor Stefan; he just cannot get any luck on The Vampire Diaries.

I’d Leave My Happy Home for You just got worse for Stefan on The Vampire Diaries. Lily stabs him and then leaves, before he gets the chance to hit her with vervain.

Meanwhile, Tyler has finally admitted that he cannot become a cop. There would be the chance that he would have to kill someone, and that would lead to him becoming a werewolf again. That is not something he wants to happen. Matt storms off, and runs into Alaric. That conversation takes an expected twist for The Vampire Diaries season six. Matt wants Alaric to get away from here with his child, so the child does not grow up around the vampires.

Enzo knows all about the cure and makes it clear that Damon does not really want to take it. Elena has not changed the fact that Damon likes being a vampire. Meanwhile, Jo is questioning whether Elena will miss the perks of being a vampire. Bonnie makes it clear that the only reason Elena is hesitating is that she will not love Damon anymore. Of course, Elena has not changed just because she is supernatural on The Vampire Diaries; and technically she has always been supernatural.

Damon seems to decide that he wants to share the perks of being a vampire, and that includes jumping off the clock tower. They also discuss healing people, the speed and the heightened senses. Damon also shares that he loves getting into people’s heads, and takes Elena back to her home in her head.

While all that is fantasy, Damon offers the cure to Elena. In a not so big The Vampire Diaries twist, Elena takes the cure. Initially wondering whether it was the real cure, when Elena wakes up it turns out that it is. The only problem is Lily shows up and tries to feed from her. The only saving grace is Elena is holding a pin and stabs Lily in the eye.

There is a great brotherly moment on The Vampire Diaries. Stefan is angry that Damon never told him about the cure, and wants to know why he would not get a say in whether he loses his brother. The moment has to end quickly though as they need to save people at The Grill. Lily almost stakes herself and Stefan before Damon stops her and takes her to the holding cell.

Elena finally has all her memories from being human and vampire, but now she remembers that Damon said he would be miserable as a human. She cannot let Damon take The Vampire Diaries’ cure, until he has had more time to think about things.

In the end, Alaric and Jo have a heart to heart about the twins. Jo knows the Gemini coven will come after them. The twins will need to merge, and Alaric decides that it is time to get out of Mystic Falls and possible The Vampire Diaries.

Everything is barrelling towards the season finale of the show, with Elena leaving in some way. Is it possible that she will actually die? I’d Leave My Happy Home for You has certainly set up that possibility on The Vampire Diaries.

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