The Vampire Diaries: I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summer Time [Recap/Review]

The Vampire Diaries

I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summer Time may be Elena’s penultimate episode on The Vampire Diaries, but it was all about Alaric and Jo’s wedding. It looks like the show was trying to replicate The Red Wedding in Game of Thrones, but not quite with the same shock factor.

Things all start with Bonnie’s dreams of Lily and Kai, but there is too much going on to worry about it. With Elena and Bonnie there, it is a good job that Caroline has her humanity on because she can plan the whole day easily. Of course, there is some making up to do and she works on amending bridges with everyone. Nobody seems completely angry with her for her decision, which makes sense considering how they welcomed Elena back when she turned her humanity off.

At the same time on The Vampire Diaries, the men are checking that they have everything. Caroline even has them all sorted. There are two people missing: Stefan and Damon.

Stefan has taken Damon to see what it would be like to be human. One of the big points is that Damon and Elena would not be able to know any of their friends. They would be isolated and alone. Not a life that Damon would ever want. Damon refuses to back down at first, showing that Elena is at medical school and he owns a bar and lives above it. When Stefan tells Elena that, she tells him not to go easy on Damon. It is almost like she wants him to break up with her.

Meanwhile on The Vampire Diaries in I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summer Time, Enzo is back offering Lily an MP3 player with all the music from her own time period. Lily loves it and then tries to choke Bonnie. The witch finally opens up to Matt about her dream, who goes straight for the bag of weapons.

Elena is with Jo when she collapses. It turns out she is having a panic attack, and Elena needs to tell Alaric not to worry. The wedding will go ahead. Elena does have a confession, though. A small part of her missed being a vampire, but she enjoys feeling connected with the world again. If anyone on The Vampire Diaries can understand that, it is Alaric. After all, he went from Original to human earlier this season.

Stefan does step things up with Damon, showing how he would resent Elena and become an alcoholic. Then there is the vision of Elena dying and Damon remaining human with nobody else around him. It is more for Damon to decide to make up his mind for himself.

Stefan also admits to Elena that he does not want Damon to become human. He remembers a weak human Damon, always searching for something. That only happened when he became a vampire.

Back with Matt and Bonnie, attacking Lily did not work. Both have been choked and Bonnie is bleeding. Lily is with Enzo at the Grill.

The apology many have been waiting for finally happened on The Vampire Diaries. Stefan finally finds Caroline, who apologizes for forcing him to flip his humanity. After realizing that not telling her how he felt made her flip her own switch, he forgives her and they can move on. Caroline partially hates herself for losing control, but Stefan points out that she still has some.

The Vampire Diaries returns to Damon and Elena, who has decided to remain a vampire. That is until a fight and a kiss. Damon decides that even alone and miserable with Elena gone, he’d still get a chance of a perfect life.

It is finally time for the wedding, just as Kai turns up and stabs Jo in her stomach. At the same time, Elena is knocked unconscious after he bursts through the window. It all ends on a cliffhanger, with Jo presumably dead and Elena’s life in the balance. I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summer Time makes it clear that anything is possible for The Vampire Diaries season six finale.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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