‘The Voice’: Sensational Six Perform Live [Recap]

The Voice

On The Voice tonight, the Sensational Six performed live, singing their hearts out in the hopes that the viewers of America will vote for them so that they can continue on to next week’s episode. The remaining competitors will each sing two songs tonight, one in honor of Mother’s Day and their mothers.

The Voice began with host, Carson Daly, introducing the Sensational Six competitors. They will each be singing two songs tonight, and one will be dedicated to their mothers.

India Carney, from Team Christina, went first. She was seen rehearsing Glory, the song that she is dedicating to her mother.

India sang Glory with her voice full of emotion. It was a perfect song to showcase her powerful, soaring vocals. The chorus came in, like a gospel chorus, adding to what was already a very powerful performance.

Pharrell said “Congratulations on what an incredible comeback you had right now!”

Adam told her “At this point in the competition, you’re required to step up. You did, and I’m really proud of you.”

Blake said “I can’t imagine that the original had rapping to it. That was awesome.”

After a commercial break, when The Voice came back on, host Carson Daly said that voting was now open. He introduced Adam’s last remaining musical artist, Josua Davis, singing the song Desire by U2.

Joshua Davis managed to bring forth his Inner Bono as he sang this huge U2 hit. He did not sound EXACTLY like Bono, but he did a great job, and made the song his OWN, in the second amazing performance so far of the evening.

Pharrell told Joshua “It was such a wonderful choice of a song.”

Adam said “You’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, just thinking about making great music.”

The Voice

More commercials followed, but when The Voice returned, Carson introduced Team Pharrell’s musical artist, Koryn Hawthorne. She will be singing a song dedicated to her mother, R.E.M.’s Everybody Hurts.

Everybody Hurts is a fantastic song — Koryn’s version did not sound a whole lot like the original, but she infused a ton of heartfelt emotion into the lyrics, and created her own version, her own masterpiece, out of this R.E.M. song, taking the audience to church.

Blake told Koryn “You’re either the world’s greatest actor or you’re so invested in the songs that you sing.”

Pharrell said “Every time I watch you, I’m so incredibly humbled that you are on my team. You really do deserve the term ‘inspirational singer.’ You’re the best!” After Koryn’s performance, The Voice headed to another break.

When The Voice returned, host Carson Daly introduced a backstage glimpse at a couple of the moms checking out their wardrobe choices. They told what they have enjoyed the most about getting the chance to be on The Voice.

Then, Carson Daly introduced, from Team Christina, Kimberly Nichole, singing the song she is dedicating to her mother, Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty. Kimberly KNOCKED this song OUT of the PARK! She sat on a stool as she began singing and she had the audience clapping along right from the beginning. Her performance was a thing of beauty.

Adam said “I’m starting to think that Kimberly can sing any song and do it her own way.”

Christina said “I know that you did your momma proud! Your mom was such a pleasure and joy. You filled my heart with so much joy, and I thank you for that!”

The Voice

Next on The Voice, Carson Daly introduced the last performer from Team Blake, Meghan Linsey. She sang the James Taylor song, Steamroller Blues.

Wow! Meghan really WAILED on this song, bringing out one of her best performances of the season! Her voice reached the rafters, as she cranked up the volume, singing with such force and power.

Christina told her “That was crazy! Wow! That was crazy great! You did a fantastic job!”

Pharrell told her “I loved and enjoyed that! Honestly, you really represent all of those people who are continually told ‘no.’ You showed what can happen.”

Blake said “You sang the crap out of it! Unbelievable! I don’t know what to say!”

More commercials ensued on The Voice, and then…it was time for Team Pharrell’s second musical artist left in the competition, Sawyer Fredericks, to perform. He sang a song that he dedicated to his mom, a very touching version of the iconic song Shine On.

There have been such terrific performances tonight, and Sawyer’s version of Shine On added to them. He played his guitar as he sang, surrounded by a stage full of bare blue light bulbs. Fredericks gave one of his best performances of the season.

Adam said “You’re a really special kid, Sawyer! That was one of my favorite performances of the night. I think that you’re unbelievable!”

Blake said “He’s right. It’s hard to put into worsd the thing that you do up there, that is so personal and so wonderful.”

Pharrell told Sawyer “There’s not a person who just watched that can’t deny the incredible power that you have with your voice. That was so inspirational!”

The Voice

With all of the Sensational Six competitors having sung once so far, on The Voice, after another commercial break it was time to hear them sing their second songs of the show. Kimberly Nichole sang next, from Team Christina. She sang the Michael Jackson hit, Dirty Diana.

Kimberly did an amazing job singing this rockin’ Michael Jackson hit, and she made it her own with her energetic performance. The audience applauded wildly as she finished singing.

Pharrell said “You just had your first rock ‘n’ roll moment in front of 12 million fans.”

Christina told her “You are incredible!”

The Voice

Upon returning from the break, The Voice host, Carson Daly, said that Joshua Davis will be singing next. His song dedicated to his mother was the Beatles’ hit, In My Life.

Joshua Davis played his guitar as he sang. The audience clapped along as he wove his spell, with the amazing lyrics penned by Lennon and McCartney.It was a pared-down song, with his guitar the only musical instrument used.

Blake told him “This song does mean something to everybody. To stand up there with that much control, I wish I had that much confidence. You’re great, dude.”

Adam said to Joshua and the viewers of America “You are a class act. Everything about it was flawless.”

Following more commercials on The Voice, Koryn Hawthorne from Team Pharrell rehearsed the Aerosmith smash hit, Dream On.

Koryn took the stage, and she gave a stunning performance of this Steven Tyler/Aerosmith hit. The audience swayed their arms in the air, and Koryn brought ROCK to the stage of The Voice.

Christina told her “I know that song was kind of outside of your comfort zone. I think you did a great job. It was a great performance.”

Pharrell said “After a performance like that, who here is inspired to dream harder?” The audience applauded. “Everybody vote for Koryn Hawthorne!”

The Voice

Returning from another break, The Voice host Carson Daly said “India and Sawyer are about to take the stage in back-to-back performances!” He introduced India Carney from Team Christina, singing her second song, a beautiful version of Sam Smith’s hit, Lay Me Down.

Accompanied by a piano, India began singing and the audience applauded and cheered her soulful, emotional rendition of this song. They swayed their arms in the air, and India’s voice grew more and more powerful as she continued her beautiful performance.

Adam told her “That was your best performance ever on the show! I’m so impressed by everything about it. Excellent, excellent job!”

Christina said “You KILLED it, India! You showed people a different side of who you are. You are one of the front-runners, once again.”

Sawyer Fredericks sang Take Me to the River. Pharrell said he should sing a sort of Creedence Clearwater-style version of it.

Blake told him “You sing so amazing! That’s all you have to do, stand there and sing.”

Pharrell said “I’ve only heard the Al Green version. Did he not work the stage, ladies?” The women in the audience applauded. Then, The Voice went to yet another commercial break.

Back on The Voice, host Carson Daly introduced Meghan Linsey from Team Blake. She sang the song that she dedicated to her mother, Amazing Grace.

Christina told Meghan “I can’t even believe it! That was gorgeous! Once again, beautiful job!”

Blake said “I felt like that the whole world stopped for just a moment to listen to that song! There’s a new sheriff in town.”

Meghan’s performance closed out The Voice. Host Carson Daly said that tomorrow, during the Results Show, one of the six will be eliminated, based on the votes of the viewers of America. With tonight’s episode being packed with so many fantastic performances, it will likely be difficult for America to choose who will stay and who will go on The Voice.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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