‘Tomorrowland’ Release of the New Science Fiction Movie With a Twist


Tomorrowland is an upcoming American science fiction and adventure film that will be released in movie theaters on May 22, 2015. Walt Disney presents George Clooney, Kathryn Han, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie, Tim McGraw and Judy Greer starring in this scientific, mystery, and adventure thriller.

It is about a young teenage girl who is fascinated by science, and a former boy genius and inventor who are forced to go on a mission to reveal the secrets of a place in time and space that exists only in their memory. Characters Frank and Casey leave Earth to protect the teen from being taken people by who see her special powers. Tomorrowland is a movie focused on scientific theory, but has some twists and turns along the journey.

So many people wonder about the mysteries of time and space, and there are never enough answers to all the questions. Finally, a movie release that may explain some of the theories is in place now. This movie will be for entertainment purposes but in the end the audiences will leave the theater having something to think about and discuss. This movie will give audiences material to discuss for weeks and maybe months to come.

Frank (played by Clooney) and Casey (played by Robertson) are bound together by a shared destiny, a fascination of when the future world would occur and what it would be like. The former boy genius/inventor, and the teen girl with her own list of scientific curiosity, go on a journey to save the world. Both Frank and Casey, not realizing that their actions directly may affect the world and themselves, they find themselves answering their own questions. Tomorrowland is a science fiction movie with a twist, as there will be a mystery to the mission at hand.

The movie was filmed was filmed in Vancouver, Canada and opens the viewers to a world of imagination, ideas, and invitation to new theories. Two people go to a secret place, where nothing is impossible. Casey is the chosen one, maybe to fix the future. Walt Disney presents delivers s spectacular presentation in Tomorrowland, a special place and time that allows this dynamic duo to fight for tomorrow. After being chased by intruders to Frank’s private home, these intruders that are not quite human want to take Casey with them. They think she has special powers, but she is not aware of these powers. Frank tries to protect Casey by taking her on a journey with him to fight for tomorrow in a place far away. Their mysterious mission takes them to place of imagination, one that is caught between time and space.

Reviews on the movie have not been reported, as the movie has not yet been released. The trailers answer some of the questions, though, showing both Clooney and Robertson giving strong performances and forming a special bond as together they travel through space and time. The movie takes the viewer to an out-of-body experience into another place and time where things seem less dramatic and calmer, but in a different way. Casey is traveling through time and space and it is not a scary journey, but one of great discovery. Will the duo find the answers to their questions, will they be able to find what they are looking for?

Tomorrowland will be an interesting discovery. The movie will surprise the audience and open the imagination on a different level. This movie will be an experience for kids and adults. The scientific fiction aspect in Tomorrowland, along with the mystery and adventure elements will make this movie a must see. This movie will also open internationally.

By Elina Brik

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