‘Ultron’- the Latest Avengers Movie Hits Theaters

The Avengers Age of Ultron hit theaters this past Thursday and this highly anticipated film has the power to be a major blockbuster. After the success of the first film fans were lining up Thursday to catch an early screening. Fox News reported that Age of Ultron was loaded with non-stop action and a great ensemble cast to beat all. Fox added that this film has the power to top the first Avengers film, describing it as the ultimate film.

Fox continues on about how Whedon created a classic story of a scientist with good intentions whose creation goes terribly wrong. Tony Stark is the creator and his creation is Ultron whose goal is to protect Earth from alien invaders. The problem is that Ultron soon turns on the Avengers even his creator Stark. Ultron sees the Avengers as a huge global threat and seeks to eliminate them. Even Stark’s robot police squad is turned against them. Ultimately the Avengers are forced to go on the run due to the fact that they are majorly overtaken. This still does not stop them from trying to save the world and keep everyone safe.

The article went on about how the audience is immediately thrown into the action and there is no down time. Whedon seems to waste little time on drama with the film focusing on what the heroes do best. They fight to save the world just as before and take the audience along for the ride. The first film had record numbers, but the Washington Post described Age of Ultron as a superior film. The article for the Post stated that Marvel Studios gives off the feeling that they were more comfortable when making this film and that they had more clarity. It seems as if they knew the characters and the direction they wanted to go in much better. The article also said that the new film has a more global feel with the Avengers working to protect the whole world rather than just focusing primarily on New York.

The Washington Post says that this film has a great and powerful opponent in the form of Ultron. Ultron is powerful, filled with rage towards Tony Stark, and incredibly intelligent. He takes on anyone who gets in his way and will not back down. Ultron, who is voiced by James Spader, has a dark sense of humor and will incite laughter from the audience even with his sinister plans. This is a villain that has the power to make the Avengers look weak by comparison at times and poses one of the most difficult obstacles that the Avengers alone or together have faced. Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch are also along for the ride, but there is the question of whether they are a friend or foe to the Avengers. Regardless, the article went on, they are forces to be reckoned with and intriguing to watch.

Forbes said that millions have already seen the film and that by the end of the opening weekend it could bring in $260 million or even more. The film that hit theaters Thursday could earn $500 million worldwide by some time next week. Considering the success of the first film, this film according to Forbes has the potential to score even bigger at the box office.

By Heather Granruth


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