Will ‘The Voice’ Continue to Season 9?

The Voice

Given the growing popularity of NBC’s reality show The Voice, it is expected that the series will continue past the now concluding season 8 and onto season 9. However, just as similar shows like American Idol and X Factor lost a bit of popularity as time moved on, The Voice too may see a diminish in viewership and fans, throughout the years. As of now the show is still going strong, and NBC’s producers most likely believe that they can bring more hopefuls in to impress viewers for a new season.

Though many claim that the show has never made an actual star out of any of the competitive singers who have stood on stage, just the chance to be in front of four major, musical celebrities and a global audience excites many. So too, was the excitement of families and  friends of the hopefuls on The Voice, and even America. Producer Mark Burnett once said that the show was so popular because “the nation is a much kinder place.”

Burnett stated that people tuned in Monday nights, and Tuesday nights as well, in order to see the hope and positivity that was represented in The Voice. This can be seen often on social media sites like Facebook, where users share videos of those who try out and those who perform. Their comments often show the joy they feel in seeing someone get a great opportunity and then receive positive comments, often bringing them and their family to tears. Over all, it seems like many enjoy the positive light that the show provides for those who love to sing. With that trend continuing, The Voice will most likely continue to season 9.

Burnett stated that he believed that the days of hosting cat fights on television were in the past. He said that there was no humiliation in his show (whereas American Idol started with humiliation as the judges often made embarrassing remarks about singers abilities) and that people enjoyed being able to watch hopefuls sing their hearts out and climb to the top to perhaps become famous. But what is even bigger than the viewership that The Voice has gained, is the increased popularity that the celebrity judges have gained, according to sources.

Billboard states that the show has never really been focused on the hopefuls who sing on stage, but rather about the judges who feature on the show. Though The Voice originally had a hard time keeping judges on, the four who represent the show now may be there to stay. Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Pharrell Williams have been on the show for seasons (some more than others), and with this role on the show it seems that their celebrity status has only risen. Billboard states that Adam Levine made a comment to this fact, claiming that Maroon 5 was struggling before he signed a contract with the show.

Even the judges who did not stick around, gained more fame as it seems that most of the world knows that they were at one point in time part of The Voice. When the past judges came back for an episode of The Voice in season 8, the excitement made clear the fact that fans of the show really missed Cee Lo Green, Gwen Stefani, Usher and Shakira (who was not able to make an appearance). The collaboration of the four current judges and the previous ones made for one of The Voice’s most popular episodes.

Season 8 was an interesting one for viewers around the globe and, and as usual, nearly every fan had their favorite singer to root for throughout the show. Fans are disappointed that the show is coming to an end but they are excited to see who will win.

If the show returns for season 9 it is sure to bring in new hopefuls, from different musical genres, who fans can learn to love and favor. The show will most likely continue to season 9, as will current viewership The Voice has no reason to quit now.

By Crystal Boulware


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