Adobe Releases New Creative Cloud Application Update


With each new year, technology seeks to improve, to expand and to grow, and Adobe is following that credo right now. Their 2015 announcement of their updated Creative Cloud service comes as no surprise, but as a welcomed tool for their customers. The released Creative Cloud application comes with new updates for the company’s various applications, including, but not limited to Premiere Pro CC, Photoshop CC, and Illustrator CC. These updates are also available through iOS and Android mobile devices.

Along with the aforementioned perks, the file-sharing company stated they will also offer expanded operations that revolve around security, publishing, and executive decisions made by businesses both large and small. The tools will be able to be used for business purposes on a daily basis.

David Wadhwani, the senior vice president of the company said that Creative Cloud 2015 is expected to be their most innovative and utilized program they have ever released. The CreativeSync technology behind the application to build upon the connection between mobile and desktop implementation of their products.

Plainly put, CreativeSync is the center of all of the company’s separate programs, from Photoshop CC to InDesign CC. It is the single most important piece of technology as it syncs all of a user’s data, from their files, photos, settings, fonts, etc. CreativeSync instantaneously allows new projects to be viewed and accessed across desktops, the internet, and on mobile devices at the same time. It also allows work to be transferred in between those three platforms, and that same piece of work can be accessed through any of the CC software apps.

While Creative Cloud is the main attraction, each application that it consists of have been granted with new update releases of their own. The technological advancements are mostly in credit to Adobe and Mercury’s collaborative efforts.

Hitting its 25th anniversary, Photoshop CC now comes with Artboards. This additional feature is a way for users to experience cross-device collaborations. Photoshop CC also gains the Dehaze feature, which Lightroom CC also possesses. The way it works is that it removes fog and smoke from pictures, even from underwater photos. Premiere Pro CC comes with the Lumetri Color panel, which improves the app’s ability to assist in color correction. The list of updates and improvements continues through After Effects CC, Illustrator CC, and Dreamweaver CC programs, among a few others.

Creative Cloud was first brought into the market in 2012. Since that time, it has been promoted and advocated the need and usefulness of mobile devices as part of creative works and business practices. Earlier today, the file-sharing corporation released several new apps for Android devices called Photoshop Mix, Color CC, Brush CC,and Shape CC. Those same apps can be accessed through iPhones and iPads, but those devices also come with Adobe Comp CC, Illustrator Draw, and Photoshop Sketch.

With globally renowned and accessible software that cater to a wide variety of uses, Adobe is changing into a world-class market. Last year, Adobe Talent was introduced as a way to connect creative minds across various agencies and organizations worldwide. Alongside the mobile apps previously mentioned, the company also released Adobe Stock today. They are offering incredibly enticing rates to any photographer or designer who provides content for Adobe Stock to put on display.

Adobe is working not just to entice professionals, but for the everyday customer too. The new update, released this morning, will be immediately available to those who already use the Adobe Creative Cloud application at no additional price. Anyone who wishes to become a member of the Creative Cloud community, from students to entire government organizations, have the ability to do so today (June 16).

By Matthew Austin Bowers

Edited by Chanel van der Woodsen

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