‘American Ninja Warrior’ Breeding an Age of Inspiring Warriors

American Ninja WarriorAmerican Ninja Warrior is back with a bang and many people nationwide could not be more excited, for it is breeding an age of inspiring warriors. On the premiere day, it was the number one most viewed show of the night. It is the ultimate test of fitness. Various warriors are given the opportunity to test out their strength, agility, and stamina in a tough obstacle course. It is definitely an edge-of-seat type show, as well as offering some eye candy for the female viewers of American Ninja Warrior.

American Ninja Warrior competitors tend to make everything look easy, but that is only because many have had several months of intensive training. A lot of the obstacles are extremely intimidating even by just looking from an outside perspective. Several warriors in the past, however, have completed some obstacles with absolute ease where most would fail almost immediately. To this date, there has not been a single person who has completed the entire course and won the $1,000,000 reward. This has motivated various people from all over the nation to give their best shot at the prize and be considered the first to complete the entire course. This season has brought in ten-fold the amount of competitors as last year, with many newcomers, and also various popular returns.

Representing the females with her ultimate representation of “girl power” is Kacy Catanzaro. She is back for her third season in American Ninja Warrior. She was the 100 pound, five-foot competitor that rocked social media when she became the first female to make it to the finals. Her main goal is to inspire women everywhere and she may just done that after this year’s submission is breeding a massive new age of warriors.

The oldest competitor has also joined the roster. Chuck Mammay, a 72-year-old former Vietnam veteran has been gaining some public attention after being chosen to compete in a special military edition of American Ninja Warrior. His audition video that was shot last year named, “In Your Face @ 71” proves that age is truly just a number. Mammay refers to himself as “the toughest 71-year-old you’re ever going to see” and wants to inspire many people to get active. It is no doubt that any excuse for working out is invalid after viewers witness the physical capabilities of Mammay.

A Lakewood firefighter from Colorado is also joining the American Ninja Warrior race to complete the entire course. He was considered too perfectly fit to get involved in the show by his fellow firefighters. Brendan Couvreux comments that he expects to have fun throughout the process, as a priority. He is seeking to make an example of the possibilities of physical fitness. He is also seeking to inspire individuals to start getting involved with physical activities.

Mike Stanger has been touching the heart of many with his inspiring story to compete in American Ninja Warrior. His main motivation to get through the obstacles is his wife. She had developed a severe condition two years ago where her joints can easily become dislocated. This forced Stanger to become physically capable of being a caretaker for his wife. After being physically fit enough to carry his wife around, he was hungry for more. After viewing the show in the past, the thought had occurred to him that he is also capable of performing the stunts. After failing the first cut, he drove out to Missouri for a walk-in audition and was given a spot on the show. Stanger has a hashtag on social media for fans that would love to cheer him on, #NinjaStanger.

It is extremely likely that the rumors stating this season of American Ninja Warrior may be the best one yet due to the new age of inspiring warriors being bred. Many are competing for the million dollar grand prize and being the first to complete the entire course, but it seems like their ultimate goal is simply to inspire others to get active.

By Frank Grados


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Photo Courtesy of Team Dalog’s Flickr Page

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