Apple Inc. iOS 9 Features as Per Worldwide Developers Conference Keynote

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Apple Inc.’s iOS 9 features were first revealed as per the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote on Monday. The next generation OS that will run this year’s mobile devices from Apple Inc. will be out next month in beta, but Apple has shared a ton of information which might have caused other highlights to be overlooked. iMore collected the gem features, some of which are as follows.

An iCloud Drive app is coming with iOS 9, to give iCloud a physical app. It is by default invisible, but can be turned on in iCloud settings. For those who switch from Android to iOS, a “Move to iOS” makes their lives easier with data transfer from their Android phone to a new iPhone, such as contacts, camera roll, message history, calendars, wallpaper, mail accounts, downloads and others.

Letting the user control devices is one of Apple Inc. iOS 9 features as per Worldwide Developers Conference keynote. It allows the user to prohibit calls to ring in the iPad, or have the Mac computer be free of text messages. The upcoming platform can even turn machines entirely off. For Apple Pay purchases, the user just needs to double-press the Home button. This will stop accidental pop-ups of credit cards when walking by a Near Field Communication terminal which is not equipped with Apple Inc.’s Apple Pay.

CarPlay can serve as a geofence for reminders. For instance, the user can tell Siri to “remind him of his sports gear upon leaving the car.” This triggers when the car is turned off. iOS 9 searches within apps, via Spotlight. Search covers not only app names but their contents as well. Searching a recipe will already get results from within the Recipe app itself.

Apple Inc.’s Health app will have reproductive health as well.  For example, ovulation, menstruation, sexual activity, cervical mucus, basal body temperature, and spotting; these are all significant for couples who want to have children. Furthermore, Apple Inc. adds UV exposure to the Results category. The new Reproductive Health category joins the existing ones – Body Measurements, Sleep, Vitals, Nutrition, Results, Me and Fitness.

There will be an option via lowercase keys when the Shift key is disabled, to fix the “Is my shift key on?” issue. Keyboard shortcuts can be developed for apps with command, control, and option keys. Also, when the user uses an external keyboard, they can control more of what is being done, like, deploying a Command-Tab switcher so that moving between apps is a breeze.

Passcode length is increased from four to six digits, for security purposes, which will take effect for new devices. Search at Settings will be available as an option, where users will be able to type in the search field. Another thing is iOS assistant resident Siri will go silent if the phone ringer is silent, and will only chat with the iPhone owner for responses.

For travelers, Maps will report transit delays and incidents in addition to train and bus directions. The app will show the location of depots, stations, entrances, and exits, as well as delays that the traveler might encounter. The data will depend on the input from the city transit group.

Through a tiny arrow in the upper left region the user can easily go back to an app he was using after checking another app. This is a nice replacement of the multitasking shortcut that requires a double press.

For iPad owners, new multitasking features lets the user work with more than one app at the same time. Watching a video while surfing the Internet, or composing an email while writing on a document app is possible.

There will be a new way of adding attachments quickly from the shortcut bar. Furthermore, one of Apple Inc. iOS 9 features as per the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote revelation is the iPad will have productivity, like the fancier software keyboard that includes a new shortcut bar with copy, paste, cut, which apps can customize. Compared to the tap-and-hold options, this one is a better, like an attachment button as a quick shortcut while composing an email.

By Judith Aparri

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