Apple Inc. WWDC 2015 Expectations

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WWDC 2015 kicks off this Monday, and the people in the tech world already have their expectations and wish list for Apple Inc.’s WWDC 2015 at Moscone West in San Francisco. Many could just love the entirety of it, such as Tim Cook’s speeches, iOS, OS X, and new devices. People are curious about the future of Mac, improvements of Apple Watch improvements, and other updates.

Apple Inc. followers will have a first glimpse of iOS 9, the system that will run the new mobile devices later of 2015. It will adapt the San Francisco font of the Apple Watch as its standard, as well as interaction tricks of the Apple Watch’s Force Touch. iOS 9 should already come with transit directions. The upcoming Apple Inc. mobile platform may also sport a “Home” app that will act as a control center for Internet of Things devices.

“Proactive,” the new feature could be the star of the event. According to 9to5Mac, it will supersede the Spotlight search menu and stay on the left of the apps, as Google Now is, on Android units. Proactive will retrieve information from maps, contacts, and apps and let it surface at the right time. For example, from a scheduled dinner reservation, it will remind the user when to leave and give driving directions, just in time.

iOS 9 will be ironing out inconsistencies, bugs, and ensure the platform works well in older devices, such as iPhone 4S. As with Siri, there are rumors she will get more functionality and will become smarter.

One of Apple Inc.’s WWDC 2015 expectations is more stability with OS X, which operates Apple’s desktop computers Mac. It will come as version 10.11. The current version, Yosemite or OS X 10.10, received some unpleasant feedbacks from users, but it is better than its predecessor, Mavericks. The public expects the 10.11 will be much better though its changelog may not have lots of changes, said Engadget, as Apple Inc. will just refine the desktop OS, and not on some high leaps.

According to Engadget, OS X 10.11 might come with an iOS-like Control Center that allows quick access to settings with just a swiping left on the Mac’s track pad. It might also have “Rootless,” a security system that ensures stability and security by keeping anyone away from sensitive system files. As for the OS X hardware, Apple Inc. already cut the price of the 27-inch 5k iMac late May, refreshed the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro and some changes to Pro and Air that there is less to expect, but would be good if Cupertino will have some more pleasant changes coming.

Apple TV fans have been waiting for a fresh, updated set-top box, but every year seems to delay the new box or a fresh SDK for developers to develop new apps. Apple Inc. TV subscriptions are least expected to come as well.

iTunes can be replaced altogether for something different. iMore commented that Apple Inc.’s whole music system with iTunes, iTunes Radio and the $3 billion Beats Music, is sloppy. Apple Inc. has Tommy Iovine, a veteran of the music industry to make its music better. As Tim Cook said, music is Apple’s DNA. The merger of iTunes and Beats may come up with a new music service, as well as what is next for iTunes on Mac’s OS X updates every year. Those who love videos more than music are more interested in an international music service.

Apple Inc.’s newest product category, the Apple Watch is expected to have more improvements in the upcoming conference. Forbes said there are two areas to watch: first is user interaction and second is the core software that manages the wearable from iOS devices. WatchKit can be an exciting surprise at the conference, said iMore. Jeff Williams told Re:code its next version will show up at WWDC. It will give Apple Watch and developers a chance to do more.

Apple Inc. WWDC 2015 expectations also include new features of some apps, like iOS’ Photos app which has a lot of room for more capabilities. For example, a drop of iCloud storage price. As for iPhone 6C, Forbes predicts if it shows up, it will like be at an early build.

By Judith Aparri

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